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Get to know artists from Oslo World 2020

By Tina Brodal Posted: 09. Dec, 2020

Natnael at Oslo World 2020. Photo: Lars Opstad

Get to know five musicians from this year’s festival in brand new videos.

This autumn’s restrictions meant that for the very first time Oslo World had to present a concert program that was based exclusively on artists within the country’s borders. This was an opportunity to really dig into what the city and the rest of the country has to offer, and present brilliant music experiences characterized by the same genre range and the same curiosity as in a regular year.

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Music Norway has in collaboration with Oslo World selected five musicians from this year’s festival, which are presented through small video clips. Get to know Ibou CissokhoLILJANatnaelPaal Nilssen-Love and KAMARA!

Ibou Cissokho
Ibou Cissokho is part of a Norwegian scene where an increased interest in Norwegian folk music is happening at the same time as interest in musical traditions from other parts of the world is growing. The phenomena are two sides of the same coin, both are the result of curiosity and open ears, in the musicians and those who listen.

Oddrun Lilja
Oddrun Lilja’s debut album Marble, with the band LILJA, must be one of this autumn’s most critically acclaimed albums. The music is a result of musical journeys that have taken the guitarist from Groruddalen to places like Reykjavik, Tyr, Casablanca, Paris, New York and Kolkata – in addition to her own hometown, Oslo. She is in many ways what is called a musical world citizen, but at the bottom of it all is the musical calm that characterizes the guitarist’s play in all situations she appears in – and a very basic recognition that it is possible to feel at home – and thus also gone – wherever you are in the world. It’s about recognition.

24-year-old Natnael was born in Ethiopia and grew up at Romsås in Oslo. The past  years he has gained various musical experiences through guest performances with several high-profile Norwegian hip-hop artists, before he in 2018 decided to start shaping his own solo project. A couple of demos later, the team around him was in place and in 2020 Natnael released the debut single «Beom», closely followed by «KL.5». Both went straight into P3’s playlists, and led to collaborations with some of the country’s greatest artists, such as Cezinando and Arif.

Paal Nilssen-Love
With a background from a jazz education in Trondheim from 1994 to 1996, Paal Nilssen-Love has become an internationally renowned musician, known for his energetic and imaginative drumming. He is a versatile, innovative and uncompromising musician who works with many kinds of formats, from solo to duo / trio / quartet and big bands. One of his big projects is the critically acclaimed band Large Unit. For Oslo World, he put together a brand new band – Paal Nilssen Love-Circus, which received excellent reviews.

KAMARA, with the first name Fatumata, was born in Sierra Leone and raised in Bergen. She is still only 22 years old, but has achieved a lot in a short time. She has topped Musikknyheter’s list of the year’s most exciting Norwegian debutants 2020, has participated in several songs with Lars Vaular and she was one of the finalists for Årets Urørt in 2019. Fantastic reviews have been written after concerts at by:Larm, Trondheim Calling and Øyafestivalen. After the concert she played at Vill Vill Vest, BT’s reviewer stated that “KAMARA has come to stay”. It really seems that way.


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