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Gramo 2015 statistics

By Vegard Storaas Posted: 20. Jul, 2016

What were the most popular acts on Norwegian radio last year? Most frequently played song? Performance rights collecting society Gramo has the answers as it unveils its 2015 statistics.

Norway’s performance rights collecting society Gramo have unveiled its 2015 statistics. Annually, the organization maps millions of minutes worth of music broadcasted on Norwegian radio. The thorough mapping is primarily conducted to ensure correct remuneration for performers at home and abroad, but the work also manifests itself in a comprehensive set of statistics that outline what has been played on domestic radio in 2015. The most frequently played Norwegian songs on domestic radio, national percentages and the most popular main artists are just some of the parameters the collecting society include in its 2015 statistics.

Top 5 – most frequently played Norwegian songs on domestic radio in 2015:
1. Firestone – Kygo ft. Conrad
2. Don’t Worry – Madcon ft. Ray Dalton
3. Stole The Show – Kygo ft. Parson James
4. 2AM – Astrid S
5. Nothing Left – Kygo ft. Will Heard

Top 5 – most frequently played songs on domestic radio in 2015:
1. Take Me To Church – Hoizer
2. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
3. Firestone – Kygo ft. Conrad
4. Don’t Worry – Madcon ft. Ray Dalton

‘Firestone was 2015’s most popular track on Norwegian radio. The track racked up a total of 212 hours, 58 minute and 55 seconds worth of airplay in 2015. It was played 4229 times.

Gramo’s 2015 statistics at a glance:
– 74 of the performers on Gramo’s Top 100-list are men
– 2015’s most popular Norwegian main artist was Kygo – a total of 7 hits genereted 10884 plays on national radio. Nico & Vinz came in third with 14 songs rotating on national radio last year

Read Gramo’s 2015 Statistic (in Norwegian) HERE

Gramo is the joint collection society in Norway for musicians, performing artists and phonogram producers. Gramo manages and administers the right of performers and producers to receive remuneration when recorded music is played on the airways or in other public arenas. Gramo collects remuneration from radio stations, cafes, hotels, shops and other users of recorded music in public arenas, and distributes these to all who participated in the recordings. In addition to its 14,000 members, Gramo also represents all other rights holders who have participated in recordings that are protected under the Copyright Act.



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