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How to do Oslo and by:Larm – tips and tricks

By Christian Gran Svenningsen Posted: 26. Feb, 2019

Ksenia “Kess” Jurjevna Petrova and Joakim Haugland recommends.

Coming to Oslo and by:Larm for the first time? Or maybe you just need som good tips? We asked Kess Petrova and Joakim Haugland for you!

by:Larm is soon here, and a lot of people, especially you coming from abroad are probably contemplating on what to see and do in Oslo. To spare you from hours of Googling, Spotifying and reading blogs, we talked to two people from the industry who know their way around, Kess Petrova, agent for Atomic Soul and Nordic Music Biz’ 20 under 30 elect, and Joakim Haugland, Head of Programming at by:Larm and Smalltown Supersound label-boss.

You probably have a few artists picked out already, and maybe sought out a restaurant or two, but here are some of the local’s favorites.

We asked them the following questions: 

1. Who should you see during by:Larm 2019?

2. What should you see or do in Oslo?

3. Where should you eat?

Joakim Haugland, Head of Program at by:Larm and founder of the label Smalltown Supersound.

Who should you see during by:Larm 2019?

Karima F (N)
Varnrable (N)
Otha (N)
Konradsen (N)
Off The Meds (S)
Beatrice Dillon (UK)
Puce Mary (DK)
Astrid Sonne (DK)
Object Blue (UK)
Skee Mask (Ger)

What should you do in Oslo?

Wendelboe Coffee
The best coffee

Very good coffee

Bar Lardo
One of the best wine bars (nature wine) in the heart of the festival.

Bar Robinet
Also in the heart of Oslo. Best bar in Oslo, period!

Standard Gallery
The coolest art gallery in Oslo, no doubt.

My favourite venue in Oslo. They are also a by:Larm venue.

The best bookshop in Oslo.

Where should you eat?

After Pjoltergeist closed down this is my new favourite. And their cool Gurken Gurken bar next door, the best wine place in Oslo.

Hot Shop
New restaurant, very good! Fantastic reviews in local papers.

Markveien Mat & Vinhus
Grünerløkka classic. Good place for fish and local dishes.

Ksenia “Kess” Petrova, booking agent at Atomic Soul and Nordic Music Biz’ 20 under 30 elect

Who should you see during by:Larm 2019?

This year’s program is awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot! The two I’m most excited about is Jesper Jenset and Otha. I think both of them have a huge international potential – where Jesper already has features with big international acts such as H.E.R. and Lost Kings. Otha on the other hand has only released a couple of songs and has gained recognition from some of the biggest tastemakers; The Guardian, Pitchfork, The Sunday Times, Gorilla vs. Bear and the list goes on. I’m also looking forward to seeing girl in red, Safario and Arif who always put on a good live show. I also believe we’ll see more of the newcomer Ousu Leigh! Among the acts coming from abroad, I’m really excited about Benjiflow.

What should you do in Oslo?

If you need a break from the festival and haven’t been in Oslo before, I would recommend checking out “Vigelandsparken,” which is just as beautiful during the winter as summer. The “Astrup Fearnley Museum” is also great if you fancy a trip to a museum. One of the best ways to end your night is to go to “Syng,” a karaoke bar that follows the Japanese traditions, where you rent your own room for just you and your friends to sing as awfully as you like.

Where should you eat?

Oslo’s new food haven “Oslo Street Food” just opened a couple of weeks ago in the same building as one of the venues at by:Larm, “Rockefeller.” A perfect spot to go between concerts with a large variety of different food in one place!

Listen to Norwegian artists at by:Larm 2019:


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