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Introducing Lovespeake

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 07. Jan, 2016

Lovespeake (photo: Olav Stubberud)

Eye Emma Jedi is back, as Lovespeake and with a brand new sound.

After having all six of their singles listed on Norway’s NRK P3, Eye Emma Jedi decided it was time to do something else. The result? Lovespeake. A new group with a new pop sound. We caught up with frontman Pav to hear what the process of reinventing themselves has been.

– So tell us – what is Lovespeake?

– Lovespeake is the next chapter from where Eye Emma Jedi left off, switching lanes from the guitar-based indie rock to a new sound influenced by the past five decades of feel-good pop music. It’s something quite different than EEJ! We’ve spent the past year working with artist/producer Jonas Raabe in his barn-studio Badminton Bay. It’s a magical place.

– Tell us about the process of making your new sound

– We wanted to make a record that we could listen back to and remember exactly what we physically did to create all the sounds. I hope people catch on to the craft of it all; the attention to detail that unravels after multiple listens. The essence of it all is still very simple. The album is certainly alternative in its production at times, but the core is just, well, pop music. We changed our approach to create sounds, using old analog synths and drum machines, modular patches and homemade samples from the barn’s surroundings. We’ve been so used to just plugging in an amped guitar with distortion, but now we had to rethink the process. It was so much fun creating a weird electronic pop mix of disco, soul and thick gospel vocals.

– What can we expect from you in 2016?

– Our debut album is out in April, with several singles to come up until autumn. We’re going to play some festivals and tour as much as we can, I can’t wait to get back on the road.

– You’re set to play by:Larm in March. Besides yourself, what are the three acts everyone should catch?

– Great News are a very cool band that I got to see in Bergen when I toured with Coucheron, can’t wait to see them again. Charlotte Dos Santos has got some soul, so I’m definitely seeing her show, and Ary is quite simply the Queen Bee.

Lovespeake’s first single DNA is out now via The Toothfairy Label.


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