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Ja Ja Ja anniversary celebrations!

By Tina Brodal Posted: 14. Nov, 2019

Birgitte Alida at Ja Ja Ja London in 2019.

Ja Ja Ja Music is a Nordic club night operated through the Nordic Music Export (NOMEX)celebrating the very best music from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 2019 marks an important year for Ja Ja Ja as the showcase concept is celebrating 5 years of existence in Berlin and 10 years in London in november!

Since the launch of the project in 2009, more than 300 Nordic artists have been introduced to the British and German music marked. For most of the participants the opportunity has served as a door opener with a clear effect, with the opportunity to showcase for an audience they normally wouldn’t have reached out to by themselves.

The project manager for Ja Ja Ja Music, Francine Gorman, is excited about the project hitting these milestones:

“It’s a huge achievement to have reached these anniversaries in London and Berlin, and it’s been an honour to be a part of the project for the past 8 years,” Gorman says.

“Throughout those years, we’ve seen some incredible talent grace the stages of Ja Ja Ja. For the project to have played a part in these artists expanding their careers, with some – MØ and Aurora as the first examples springing to mind – reaching worldwide acclaim, bears testament to the fantastic talent that we get to work with, as well as the hard work of the whole NOMEX team on making this project happen.”

November 14 marks the 5-year anniversary of Ja Ja Ja Berlin, the German version of the concept. This will be celebrated with Nordic showcase concerts at Fluxbau, and Norwegian artist iris will be on stage as part of the celebration. Previously, artists like Astrid S, Hanne Mjøen and Amanda Delera have had their debut at the concept. Check out the event here.

Another anniversary will be celebrated on November 28, as it marks 10 years of Ja Ja Ja London and nordic music being introduced from the stage at The Lexington. Check out the event here.

“As we pass our 5th and 10th anniversaries in Berlin and London respectively, we’re working hard to make sure that the Ja Ja Ja platform remains as relevant as ever for industry looking to connect with new Nordic talent, as well as providing a welcoming, tailored, high quality showcasing opportunity for emerging artists looking to progress their careers in the UK, Germany and beyond,” Francine Gorman says.

These artists have previously performed at Ja Ja Ja Music:

Highasakite, Mikhael Paskalev, Amanda Tenfjord, Jesper Jenset, Jakob Ogawa, Jimi Somewhere, Datarock, Pom Poko, Fieh, Fanny Andersen, Emma Jensen, Apothek, Tellef Raabe, Ary, Slutface, Depresno, Great News, Smerz, Ost&Kjex (DJ), Honningbarna, Loveless, The Fjords, Psyence Fiction, Jonas Alaska, Kid Astray, Truls, Hanne Kolstø, Team Me, Alfred Hall, Pandreas, Farao, Electric Eye, Atlanter, Eye Emma Jedi, Carmen Villain, Maribel, Marit Larsen, Young Dreams, Lucy Swan, Årabrot, Montée, The Low Frequency in Stereo, Kvelertak, Vreid, Katzenjammer, Megaphonic Thrift og Ungdomskulen

Read more about Ja Ja Ja Music here.


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