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Jacob Ogawa to play at Ja Ja Ja Berlin – October 4th 2018

By Edvard Olai Brekke Værland Posted: 12. Sep, 2018

Norwegian artist Jakob Ogawa is playing at Ja Ja Ja Berlin at October 4th at FluxBau.

Hailing from Oslo, tantalising dream-scape merchant Jakob Ogawa is set to join us in Berlin for a sure-to-be unmissable performance! Jakob will be joined by ORKID from the far, far north or Sweden, whose simmering style of electro-pop is sure to leave your knees weak. And the third act of the evening will be Danish trio The Entrepreneurs, whose blistering brand of “Noise & Romance” rock will shake FluxBau to its very foundations. Read on to get to know each of the artists better…

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“Ogawa’s ethereal vocals make for a blissful contrast with the earthiness of his production, and it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that he is set to have a breakout year.“ – Highsnobiety