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Launch of “Somewhere Else” – streaming festival

By Tina Brodal Posted: 08. Apr, 2020

The joint initiative Vierlive are now launching the streaming festival “Somewhere Else” with artists like Sigrid, Aurora, Girl in Red and Fieh in the lineup.

From April 9 to 13, 10 artists are collaborating with some of Norway’s best music video directors to give you 10 unique concert experiences live.

Check it out here.

Festival Manager Kristoffer Lo says that audience capacity is infinite and that this is a new reality for us all.

– These are difficult times for many of us. Our entire industry has been put out of business, but fortunately people have been very quick in finding new ways to perform concerts and make money. With vierlive.no and Somewhere Else, we want to employ as many people as possible in the industry, ranging from artist, bands, technicians, and booking agents , says Lo.

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Collaboration with the film industry
Concerts will be livestreamed from various festival stages across Norway, with the help of some of Norway’s most talented directors, photographers and sound engineers. In order to make this something completely different and unique, Lo says they have employed a whole range of employees from the film industry as well.

– But employing 300 people costs money, which is why we want to sell tickets with vierlive.no and Somewhere Else, and not rely on donations, says Lo.

– The festival program we have put together allows for great artists like Sigrid, Aurora and girl in red reach their audiences all over the world, and at the same time they can help bring the less established artists forward and present them for the whole world, Lo concludes.

Sigrid, Aurora, Girl in Red, Isah, Frida Ånnevik, Safario, Nils Bech and Fie hare launched so far. More names to come the next few days. More information through Vierlive.no.


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