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Margit Bøhn: – Dare to be fearless

By Tina Brodal Posted: 06. Dec, 2019

Margit Bøhn has worked at Universal Music Norway. Here pictured with colleagues and Astrid S. (Photo: private)

With both Universal Norway and Universal Sweden under the belt, Margit Bøhn is now ready to take on the German music market in Sony Music in Berlin.

Margit Bøhn is one of the selected industry professionals for the annual project ‘Nordic Music Biz’ Top 20 under 30′, which aims to showcase industry talents from the Nordic countries. Last week, NOMEX, the Nordic export office cooperation organization, gathered the young Nordic industry professionals in Stockholm to discuss future trends in the industry. The program consisted of a visit to Spotify’s headquarters, as well as an informative program at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm.

A recurring question at the gathering was whether we need to work towards bringing the Nordic music industry closer together. To this question, Margit Bøhn is clear in her answer; In order to compete with strong markets like Germany, UK and US, we need to gather and be a strong region.

-Norway grows stronger with the Nordic countries, although I agree that there are many cultural differences between the countries, and we work differently. Norway alone has a lot of good exports, but we are stronger together, and I think the more we build our identity as a region, the better the results for the individual countries as well, says Bøhn.

Norwegians go international 

The 29-year-old is one of several Norwegian industry professionals that has recently been recruited into the international music industry. Former manager of Mandelbaum, Karen Nordbakk, which also is part of the “20 under 30” project and has participated in Music Norway’s master program, was recruited by Sony Music Germany at the beginning of the year. Another Norwegian that has made the move outwards is Alice Berntsen, a former participant in Music Norway’s master program, now based in London working for X-ray Touring.

– An acquaintance contacted me, and now I’m going to Berlin, says Bøhn.

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Margit Bøhn’s journey into the music industry was by coincidence. Initially, she wanted to work with film, until she stumbled upon an international promo position at Universal Music Norway.

– I realized right away that this is what I want to do. I didn’t know it until that moment, that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Since I had no network at the time, I wrote a song called “Ansett meg please” (“Please Hire Me”), which I submitted – and was hired, she says.

Margit travels a lot and gets to expand her network across the world. (Photo: private)

From Stockholm to Berlin

Three years later, Bøhn was hired by Universal Music Swedens exploitation department and moved to Stockholm, where she did international marketing with Nordic signed artists across the globe. Now Germany and Sony Music is next up for Bøhn.

-At Universal Music Norway, I did promotion for internationally signed artists in Norway. Now, my current role is to do international marketing with artists signed to Germany and export them across the globe. In this role you get to meet people from all over the world and travel a lot, so the network certainly opens up, she says.

The key to the dream job is networking

The young industry professional believes that daring to be fearless and working actively on establishing a network is the key to getting the dream job. Bøhn knows several people who wish to change jobs but doesn’t dare to send that email or take that phone call.

-People have this idea that you will be headhunted, but it happens so rarely, you must dare to reach out yourself. So, all in all, it’s simply about networking – and reaching out to people, she says.

Now that Margit’s new base is in Germany, she will be working with artists from all over the world. She mentions that many artists traditionally signed directly to the UK or US, but now several international artists sign directly to Germany, which has become a major force in the music industry.

– It will be very fun to work with a broader aspect of artists, and by working with artists from a variety of countries, this can potentially open a few doors later. But I am also very happy that I will be able to continue to work with and keep the love for Nordic artists that I have developed in recent years. That will be very exciting!


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