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Matoma climbs to the top

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 18. Mar, 2015

Matoma takes the number 1 spot in his second week at Top 10.

Pinne For Landet‘ the after ski anthem of the year, drops two places on Spotify this week as Matoma and ‘Old Thing Back‘ reach the top position. The track is still one of the most viral Spotify tracks in the world, more specifically number 3 on the spotify chart this week. ‘Don’t Worry‘, the first track since Madcon’s 2013 album ‘Icon’ also enters the top this week, as the duo jumps up two places to #2.

‘Don’t Worry’ have also increased its streams at WiMP, where the track climbs two spots up to #8 this week, on a relatively similar list as last week. Kygo’s ‘Firestone‘ reamains the most streamed Norwegian track, as it has been for a total of 8 weeks.

Listen to the updated lists below:


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