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Meet the Ultima delegates – Kim Dürbeck

By Edvard Olai Brekke Værland Posted: 10. Sep, 2019

Kim Dürbeck is looking forward to see Carl von Hausswolff.

Get to know delegate Kim Dürbeck at Ultima.

Artistic leaders, curators and journalists from the international contemporary music scene gathers at Ultima. A total of 27 international and 14 Norwegian guests are invited to the international delegate program. The goal of the program is to promote Norwegian contemporary music and to show of the most important contemporary music festival in the Nordic countries.

We have talked with some of the delegates, both Norwegians and internationals, and this time we present Kim Dürbeck of the new generation of contemporary music scene. He works with experimental music, techno and ambient, and is signed to Dugnad Rec.

– Ultima is right around the corner, is there any productions in particular you are looking forward to? 

– I’m looking forward to see the Swedish Carl von Hausswolff and how you may get in contact with “the other side” with the help of very interesting recording technology. That’s definitively the highlight of the program for me.

– This is your first time as a delegate, what do you think will be the most valuable for you?

The nyMusikk workshop and discussion session is something i look forward to. It’s going to be fruitful to take part in a international delegate program where I get the opportunity to get better insight in the experimental music field. The possibility to hear the dialog between internationals and professional performers is valuable for me as an artist.

– You are internationally oriented as an artist, which markets to you find the most interesting?

Hong Kong, Japan, and Germany are markets i have interest in, both as a producer and artist. I have found a lot of similarities and some very interesting differences to my expression as a Norwegian artist. I have a strong ambission to explore these markets further.


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