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Meet the Ultima delegates – Tine Rude

By Edvard Olai Brekke Værland Posted: 11. Sep, 2019

Tine Rude, Managing Director of Borealis Festival, together with Peter Meanwell, Artistic Director. (Foto: Thor Brødreskift)

Get to know the Managing Director at the Borealis Festival.

Artistic leaders, curators and journalists from the international contemporary music scene gather at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. A total of 27 international and 14 Norwegian guests are invited to the international delegate program. The goal of the program is to promote Norwegian contemporary music and to show of the most important contemporary music festival in the Nordic countries.

We have talked with some of the delegates, and this time we present Tine Rude, Managing Director at Borealis, a festival for experimental music in Bergen that Music Norway has collaborated with on an international delegate program since 2014.

– Ultima is right around the corner, is there any productions in particular you are looking forward to?

Going to festivals is always nice and I’m looking forward to experience new sounds and impressions from early in the morning to late at night. I’m especially looking forward to see the opera TIME TIME TIME by Jennifer Walshe and Timothy Morton. The commission was initiated by Borealis and Ultima. It´s always interesting to watch this kind of projects multiple times to see how they develop over time and discover new peculiarities.

– I’m also excited to see how Ultima attracts a younger audience and I look forward to the Ultima Childeren’s Day on Sunday where I´m going to To the Moon by Laurie Anderson & Hsin-Chien Huang. That is going to make up for me missing the closing concert by Anderson and Zeitkratzer.

– I also have to urge everyone to see Moor Mother.  I was blown away by her hard-hitting lyrics and exceptional presence at Borealis in 2017.

– Do you have any tips for first-timers at an international delegate program?

– Breathe, we all want it to be a pleasant experience for each other. Everyone has been a first-timer! Read the delegates list thoroughly and make yourself a picture of whom you would like to talk to and why. Send an e-mail and with the reason why you would like to get in touch. Then its easier to approach them, and harder for them to not answer! It’s wise to bring your business cards, but its more important to follow up your new contacts after the festival. You get a long way with being nice and curious about the people you meet-

– What´s your most memorable moment at Ultima? 

– I first and foremost enjoy the experience of being a guest at another festival being free to just experience without having to take in practical considerations and being a host myself. The possibility to meet good colleagues, skillful artists, and old and new acquaintances in a beautiful conjunction with concerts is wonderful!

– The concert with the legend Charlemagne Palestine at Kulturkirken Jakob in 2017 was a gorgeous experience that never left me.


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