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Gold Celeste’s new single receives much love

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 07. Aug, 2015

Trondheim based Gold Celeste released their second single ‘Open Your Eyes’ this week. – Melancholic grandeur, coupled with laid-back elegance, says Circuit Sweet.

Psychedelic pop band Gold Celeste follow up single ‘Can of Worms’ with the just as dreamy and mellow ‘Open Your Eyes’. The track was chosen as ‘track of the day’ at Glasswerk and made the group ‘Artist of the week’ at Invasion. But this is just part of the praise the group has received following the release. Read some excerpts below.

Clash Music:

– An otherworldly sound which flits between Tame Impala’s modern psych vision, Brian Wilson’s pure pop and even the explorations of Animal Collective. Fragrantly beautiful, it borders on the more ethereal edge of shoegaze as it flirts and floats out of the speakers.

Line Of Best Fit:

– Gold Celeste will leave you blissfully eyes-closed on new cut “Open Your Eyes

Never Enough Notes:

– Norwegian purveyors of exquisite dream pop Gold Celeste have come up trumps with their own brand of sun-baked and introverted music.


– These guys are unique ..Gold Celeste is Artist Of The Week.


– A warm blend of psych-rock, shimmering Beach Boys vocal work and delicate layers of synths that melts beautifully like a summer’s evening sunset – “Open Your Eyes” is the track of the day.

Circuit Sweet:

– Melancholic grandeur, coupled with laid-back elegance.

The accompanying DIY-video was shot in between mountain tops in Førde and Hovedøya in the Oslo Fjord. Wild nature and the capitals picturesque islands became a natural way to visualise the tracks theme, says the group of the video.

We suggest you close your eyes for a few minutes as you lean back with ‘Open Your Eyes’ on your ears. Gold Celeste‘s debut album The Glow is duo on Riot Factory September 9.


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