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New London concert series: Jazzland Recordings Presents

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 19. Feb, 2015

Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Håkon Kornstad, Sidsel Endresen and Jan Bang to play unique Jazzland Recordings Presents concert series at Kings Place in London in March and April.

March and April sees Jazzland Recordings, one of Norway’s key independent jazz labels, showcasing its top-tier acts through a series of concerts at London’s Kings Place.

March 4th marks the start of the Jazzland Recordings Presents Concert Series at London’s Kings Place with Mari Kvien Brunvoll performing the series inaugural concert with one of her distinct solo sets blending vocals, live sampling, electronics and percussion.

Saxophonist and opera vocalist (!) Håkon Kornstad is next with his March 25th performance that sees him combining his tenor sax skills with electronics and operatic tenor vocals
Rounding off the Jazzland Recordings Presents series on April 22nd is no other than vocal icon Sidsel Endresen and electronic pioneer Jan Bang who will showcase their unique live interaction of voice and live sampling.

Mari Kvien Brunvoll

Mari Kvien Brunvoll operates within her own distinct soundworld, at once strange and familiar, using 21st century technology to create music that has flavours of traditional blues and jazz, world music and elements of pop.

The unique results of her live-on-stage experimentations can range from the densely melodic to the avant garde, the curiously whimsical to the edges of lament, the languid flow to the locomotive drive. Her blending of acoustic instrumentation and voice with sampling and looping technology is peerless in her generation, making her ‘one to watch’ as her already-impressive career progresses.

Says Brunvoll to Music Norway on her upcoming inaugural Jazzland Recordings Presents performance: – The concert is destined to be a mix of old and new repertoire. In my book it´s exciting to fuse the composed passages with improvised parts. The lenght of each improv stretch is not something that is predetermined. On the spur of the moment, I might leave out a song or add another. On some occasions I´ll include a sketch of a song on the setlist and improvise its form and compositional color there and then. I´ve yet to pin down a setlist for the Kings Place concert – I like to keep my options open right up until showtime. I´ve never performed in London before, so this is a debut for a new audience.

When: Wednesday, 4 March 2015 – 8:00pm
Where: Kings Place – Hall Two

Håkon Kornstad – solo

Håkon Kornstad has always been a restless spirit, endlessly striving to discover something new. He has supplied graphic design skills to many Jazzland Recordings albums.

As part of Wibutee, he blended electronica and jazz, and as a solo performer he used looping to expand his already broad sonic palette. All the while, he remained engaged with more traditional jazz forms.

However, for the past number of years he has managed the unlikely feat of blending jazz (via his tenor saxophone skills) with electronic looping and sampling along with his own operatic tenor vocals. This unlikely combination has resulted in some of the most astounding performances you are ever likely to hear.

Says Håkon Kornstad to Music Norway on the repertoire the Kings Place audience will be treated to later in March: – I´ve yet to decide on whether I´ll debut brand new material. This is how I´ve approached my solo sets lately: I´ll lay down a sax line, build up a sonic foundation with my loop machine and then sing antique arias and classical vocal passages on top of this. It could be viewed as fantasies over the original material, or as if I utilised the vocal passages as an ancient sample on top of contemporary, improvised music.

When: Wednesday, 25 March 2015 – 8:00pm
Where: Kings Place – Hall Two

Sidsel Endresen and Jan Bang

The long-standing musical relationship between Sidsel Endresen and Jan Bang has been one of evolution. Each beginning as individual chart-topping artists in various European countries in their own right, they have journeyed further from those roots into more daring, experimental and expressive territories.

The live interaction of Endresen’s unique voice and Bang’s singular mastery of live sampling creates a music that is predictable only in its ability to surprise, cajole, shock and seduce audiences in equal measure. The warmth they project makes them a rare thing: experimentalists that entertain.

Endresen talked to Music Norway earlier this week on her April duo concert with Jan Bang. When asked how the two have mutuallu influenced each other, Endresen related: – In my view, Jan is an unique musician and performer on his wide range of instruments. He´s also a hands-on improviser and an inspiring musical partner. Jan has extremely solid timing, wide ears and is vocal in terms of aesthetic priorities as well as form and structure. Our concerts also continue to challenge my own vocal role.

When: Wednesday, 22 April 2015 – 8:00pm
Where: Kings Place – Hall Two

Jazzland Recordings
was founded by pianist/keyboardist/producer/composer Bugge Wesseltoft in 1996 and has since established itself as a key outlet for Norwegian jazz and improvised music. It is currently a subsidiary of Universal Music Group and operated as a standalone label. Key acts include Sidsel Endresen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Beady Belle, Atomic, Håkon Kornstad and Ola Kvernberg.

The Jazzland Recordings Presents series is supported financially by Music Norway.


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