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New Music You Need To Hear

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 07. Aug, 2015

Krakow's 'Genesis' EP is out this week.

Yes! A new week means new releases. Check it out and update your playlists!

Coucheron – Playground EP

We finally get a full EP from one of our favorite producers. ‘Playground’ totals 7 tracks, including the newly released ‘Ruby’, as well as Deep End and Honky Donk that we’ve been playing for some time. Make sure to check out ‘New Adventure’ featuring Toothfairy-colleague Pav.


Gold Celeste – Open Your Eyes

Psychedelic pop band Gold Celeste follow up single ‘Can of Worms’ with the just as dreamy and mellow ‘Open Your Eyes’. The track was chosen as ‘track of the day’ at Glasswerk and made the group ‘Artist of the week’ at Invasion.


Krakow – genesis

They blew us away at the Inferno Festival in April and their latest labum ‘Amaran’ has seen plenty of spins since. This week they’ve released an EP with four of the tracks that didn’t make it to ‘Amaran’. Just don’t think that makes the tracks any less hard hitting.


Beglomeg – Eurokrjem

It was released domestically a couple of months ago, and now it’s available in the UK on Fysisk Format. With its rock, synth and funk melting beats this uplifting nine track album needs a run through!


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