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New York University talks for Phonofile

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 07. Oct, 2014

Digital distributor Phonofile set to teach New York University students the ins and outs of the booming Scandinavian streaming market this week.

This week sees Phonofile, the Nordic region’s largest digital distributor for independent labels, heading to the New York University to teach students on streaming and the streaming market in the Nordic region.

The University College of Hedmark has initiated a collaboration with NYU’s Clive Davis Institute to offer students at NYU lectures on the Nordic streaming market. Phonofile was asked to contribute with their expertise and will now give lectures at the NYU institute.

– The course which NYU is interested in is one on ‘Marketing music’ which we have taught at our university the past four years. Phonofile has been central to the course as external industry lecturers, inasmuch that they possess invaluable expertise in that particular field. Both on a Nordic and international scale, says Rune Johannesen at Hedmark University College.

The world’s most developed digital music market

Phonofile have 15 years of experience within the digital music market, and have developed their own technology which is tailor-made for the streaming market and its demands for scaling and transparency. CEO of Phonofile Erik Brataas, believes the different markets have a lot to learn from each other.

– As a digital pioneer in the most developed digital music market in the world, Phonofile have from the very start focused on the modern music market and modern music technology. Adapting to the latest needs of the recorded music industry and the needs of our up-to-date record labels, we have managed to develop Phonofile’s knowledge based services.
Specifically, we have focused on developing and sharing our accumulated expertise and experience in digital marketing with our record labels and their artists. The fact that we have been asked to lecture at NYU is very motivating for us, and it confirms that the experience deriving from Phonofile’s leading position in the Nordic market is relevant far beyond our borders. At the same time, we know that we have much to learn both from the US music industry and the US academia, which makes the collaboration with NYU an important part of our own development as well, says Brataas.

Phonofile reps set to lecture at at the NYU sessions include Jarle Savio (Strategic Marketing), Mona Fimreite (Digital Marketing Specialist) and Trond Tornes (Marketing Manager).

The Future of the Streaming Economy
The Phonofile lectures are part of NYU’s ‘The Future of the Streaming Economy’ course in which students will be guided through the history of streaming, the controversies surrounding its business model, and the technology that made it possible. Students will be introduced to the new storefront of online music and be shown how the digital marketplace is changing music marketing and artist development. The course will examine the pros and cons of the current streaming status quo. Students will practice techniques of releasing music online through a hands-on workshop, which will lead them through the beginning steps of registering, and releasing their own project via Phonofile and WiMP on all major platforms and services.

Phonofile’s NYU course starts on October 7th.


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