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Nordic Folk Alliance postponed

By Edvard Olai Brekke Værland Posted: 11. Mar, 2020

The Nordic Folk Alliance 2020 postponed due to coronavirus

As a joint decision of the board of the Nordic Folk Alliance (NFA) and the Cultural Development Administration (former Kultur i Väst) in Gotheburg, we have decided to postpone the Nordic Folk Alliance 1–2 April 2020. The reason behind is the current outbreak of coronavirus disease.

– We are deeply sorry for everyone that was looking forward to visiting the Nordic Folk Alliance. We will contact delegates who have paid the delegate fee, for reimbursement. Currently we are also working to get Nordic Folk Alliance back on track during autumn 2020. More information will come, says Jennie Vilhelmsson, head of unit Cultural Development Administration (former Kultur i Väst)

NOMEX is concerned for the current situation and we will contribute to a good health situation for our international partners and the Nordic music scene. In recent weeks, we have experienced an outbreak of a new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). We have therefore chosen to postpone or cancel any public events in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Travels and events that gather many people can provide the basis for a large spread of infection. We will do our part to avoid this.

With all our respect to the artists, the speakers, the music industry and guests: with Nordic Folk Alliance are in the middle of the corona-storm, we need to put our health first, says Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, Chair at NOMEX and Nordic Folk Alliance.

– We are deeply sorry for everyone that looked forward to visiting the Nordic Folk Alliance, but the local engagement and international demand for Nordic folk music has ensured us that Nordic Folk Alliance is wanted and needed. We will all get back on our feet soon, and so will Nordic Folk Alliance. I hope to see you then, Finnskog points out.

– NOMEX continuously monitors the situation and will return to normal activity at Music Norway, Music Finland, Export Music Sweden, Music Iceland, Music Export Denmark and in the city of Gothenburg and Kultur I Väst as soon as circumstances permit, Finnskog ends.

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