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Norway at SXSW 2015

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 12. Mar, 2015

SXSW is in full swing – our SXSW guide gives you the ultimate overview what Norway has in store for the Austin crowds this year.

SXSW 2015 kicked off on Tue March 17 – we’ve compiled virtually all you need to know about the Norwegian presence in Austin over the next weeks. Read on for info on showcase acts, events panels scheduled from March 17-22.

Norwegian acts at SXSW 2015
Scroll down for an overview over the Norwegian acts playing at SXSW; Cold Mailman, Haust. Marit Larsen, Hanne Kolstø, Death By Unga Bunga, Trippy Turtle, Lido and Barren Womb.

Welcome Party – Norwegian Industry Mixer
Music Norway warmly invite to its welcome party on Tue 17th between 5 – 7PM at The Oslo Lounge. Find more info about this event below and click the following link to RSVP for the event.

Music Norway´s director Kathrine will be a part of a panel on Fri 20th. If you ever wondered about The Value of Music Export Offices, this is the place for you to be!

For press inquiries please contact Music Norways´s director Kathrine Synnes Finnskog at kathrine@musicnorway.no or +47 906 91 318
Music Norway´s U.S. advisor Mike Bell will be on hand all week, get in touch atmikesbell@mac.com or +1 (973) 768-0663

Norwegian artists at SXSW 2015

Cold Mailman

Friday 20th March, 8:00PM – 8:50PM, Icenhauer´s

Recording: Beyond Music | Julius Diesen (Available outside Norway on the next album)
Publishing: Available
Management: Beyond Music | Julius Diesen
Booking: Available (exl Norway: New Kicks Booking | Thomas Digervold)
Legal: Available

This spring the Norwegian pop band Cold Mailman will release their new album, Everything Aflutter, through Beyond Music. The band’s latest album Heavy Hearts, was released in 2013 to critical acclaim in Norway and across Europe. The past years they have also received attention all over the world thanks to their spectacular music videos for the songs «My recurring dream» and «Time is of the essence». Their videos have reached over 1 million views total (YouTube+Vimeo), have won prizes at Nordic Music Prize, Berlin Music Video Awards, vidAwards, The Short Film Festival in Grimstad, and have been nominated for prizes at awards like UK Music Video Awards and The Norwegian Grammys. April 10th the band is releasing their fourth album. The album is inspired by a mixtape that songwriter Ivar and producer Martin Bowitz used to listen to on long road trips as kids in the late 80s/early 90s. The lyrics are nostalgic, and in addition to let the songs from the mixtape inspire the songwriting Cold Mailman have aimed to recreate the atmosphere of the mixtape. The singles «Where Scars Don’t Show» and «Moments» are out now.

“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better indie-pop album this year. Even in Sweden.”

“How the f**k did they even do this, anyway?»
(stereogum.com announcing the video for My Recurring Dream as video of the week)


Thursday March 19th, 11:40 PM: Music Norway/Øya Festival party @ Cedar Street (208 W 4th St)
Friday March 20th, 12:40PM, Icenhauer´s
Recording: Available
Publishing: Fysisk Format | Kristian Kallevik
Management: Empire Artists | Pål Bredrup
Booking: Available
Legal: Available
U.S. Publicity Contact: Jerry Graham

The Norwegian black metal/punk hybrid known as Haust will rear its filthy sonic maw again this spring. Bodies, the fourth LP from the Oslo based group has been announced for a March 10th release via Fysisk Format Records (Arabrot, Kollwitz). (Album cover appears below) The release will coincide with a SXSW appearance as well as a New York date.

Accompanying this news is the leak of a new track entitled “Light” as a harbinger of what is to come. More than a work of pure aggression, Bodies offers Haust’s most complex and varied work to date. The chainsaw guitars, untethered fury and grimly screeched vocals are still very much in place. However songs are now augmented by unexpected strains of psychedelia, noise rock and avant-melodicism throughout.

Renewed in direction and members, this release features the addition of guitar wonder Trond Mjøen (Haraball, Ulver). It also boasts a guest appearance from Henning Wisth of Okkultokrati as well as contributions from Milton Von Krogh, (front-man of scuzz-rock unit, Pirate Love and producer for the likes of Årabrot and Okkultokrati).

Fysisk Format has also launched a pre-order for a special limited vinyl version of the LP. A limited run of fifty copies of Bodies will include an exclusive wood-carved print of TV static, meticulously carved by Haust drummer and artist, Øystein Wyller Odden. Each print will be numbered and signed by Odden as well.

“A fucking glorious cacophony spliced with a sick sense of humour.. nice!”
(Rock sound)

Marit Larsen

Thursday 19th March, 12:10AM, FLOODfest (see RSVP info on the flyer below)
Friday 20th March, 09:10 PM, Icenhauer´s (see RSVP info on the flyer below)
Recording: Available (excl Norway (Warner), GSA (Sony))
Publishing: Available
Management: Unit AS | Morten Andreassen
Booking: CAA | Nigel Hassler
Legal: Available

When The Morning Comes, Marit Larsens fourth solo album, finds her having taken a leap of faith, and thus a giant step forward. The former three having been produced by Kåre Vestrheim, she now debuts as producer.
The songs for When The Morning Comes were written while working very closely with a handful of young Nashville musicians. The chemistry between Marit and multi-instrumentalist Tofer Brown, who ended up as co-producer, was particularly important.
The successful process of writing made Marit want to record the album abroad as well. And the hunt for an American producer made her realize that she might as well do the job herself. In skyping, e-mailing and meeting with established producers whose work she admired, she was constantly reminded of the importance that she needed to be at the helm, have a vision and be there for every part of the process.
After 17 years as an artist, and eight years as a band leader, Marit found herself sitting in the producers chair during a recording. And in this work she has tried to move away a little from the sweetness that is associated with her as an artist. There is less acoustic guitar and strings, and Marit was more aware of how she used her own voice than ever before. A personal highlight was working with drummer Matt Chamberlain, Marits “all time drummer superhero”, who plays on records by artists she has listened to extensively (Fiona Apple to name but one). Davide Rossi, who arranges strings for Coldplay, also contributed.

Hanne Kolstø

Tuesday, March 17 from 6:00 PM: Norwegian Music Industry Mixer @ The Oslo Lounge (Upstairs on Trinity, 607 Trinity Street) Presented by Music Norway
Wednesday, March 18 from 2:00 PM: Traveling Barn Dance @ Maria’s Taco Xpress (2529 S Lamar Blvd)
Wednesday, March 18 from 12:00AM: 405 Club (East 7th St)
Thursday, March 19 from 11:00 AM: Music Norway/Øya Festival party @ Cedar Street (208 W 4th St)
Friday, March 20 from 10:20 PM: Sounds From Norway @ Icenhauer’s (83 Rainey Street) Presented By Jansen Plateproduksjon & Brilliance Records
Sunday, March 22 from 6:15 PM: Full Moon Barn Dance @ 3600 S. 2nd St
Recording: Jansen Plateproduksjon in EU, Jansen Recordings in U.S.
Publishing: Jansen Plateproduksjon
Management: Jansen Plateproduksjon | Erik Jansen
Booking: Scandinavia: Atomic Soul, GSA: FKP Scorpio
Legal: Available

Hanne Kolstø maintains her frequency and releases her forth solo album in four years in the end of November. The album is going to be good promoted in Scandinavia, UK and Germany.
She also keeps the core of her music, the musical landscape in which everything is allowed: electronica, noise, acoustic guitar, loops, sounds of burning rubber and her father’s brass band in Sykkylven, Norway. This enchanting ugly-beautiful sound has made her a favourite with the critics, and also landed her a nomination for the Norwegian Grammy award in the “Best pop album in 2012” and “Best pop album in 2013” category.

Shuddering into life with creeping electronic noises and rolling percussion claps, the quietly poppy offering is soon bolstered by looping synths before a string of harsh yet irresistibly smooth and jubilant hooks escape Kolstø’s lungs as if her life depended upon it. A few spins later and we’re damned if we’re not doing the same.
(The Guardian about ”One Plus One Makes One Out of Two”)

Stillness and Panic is part catchy pop record and part backdrop for a fanciful Norwegian fairy tale. The songwriting is mature, appealing and artful. She speaks of love and connection with an earned ease.

Death By Unga Bunga

Friday, March 20 from 11:30 PM: Sounds From Norway @ Icenhauer’s (83 Rainey Street) Presented By Jansen Plateproduksjon & Brilliance Records
Saturday, March 21 from 12:05AM: Get Hip Recordings @ Valhalla (710 Red River St)

Recording: Jansen Plateproduksjon | Erik Jansen

Publishing: Available
Management: ACT Entertainment | Simen Herning
Booking: Norway: Timeout Agency | Joél Schwalenstöcker, North America: Pinnacle Entertainment |Scott Socol

Death By Unga Bunga is a garage rock band from Moss, Norway. Despite their young age (the members are 21-24 years old), the band has achieved a lot during their lifetime. Their debut album, “Juvenile Jungle” was released on Spoon Train Audio in 2010, received good reviews and set off an extensive Norwegian tour, which has very much been ongoing since the winter of 2010. The band is hailed for their ability to honour the heritage of 60s and 70s’ artists, and also mixing it with modern influences. The result is a modern band with knowledge and awareness of their music history, who are also known as exceptionally good musicians for their age.

Trippy Turtle

Friday 20th March 11:15PM, iHeartComix & Mad Decent Showcase @ Empire Garage
Friday 20th March 05:30PM, APE Showcase @ Red Eyed Fly

Management: René Symonds
Booking: U.S., Canada, Mexico: The Windish Agency | Sam Hunt & Latane Hughes

Trippy was born on a cold beach somewhere in northern europe. From an early age he was exposed to beautiful skinnydipping scandinavian women and rnb-music on wack boomblasters, influences you can still hear in his music today. And the charming young tortoise quickly became a true ladies turtle.

“Praying hands”
(Tweet Hudson Mohawke)


Thursday, 19th March 09:50PM – 10:20PM, Biz3 @ The Main
Friday, 20th March 04:00PM: The Windish Agency Day Party @ The Mohawk

Management: René Symonds
Booking: U.S., Canada, Mexico: The Windish Agency | Sam Hunt & Latane Hughes

“Who is Lido? It’s the question everyone in electronic music has been asking since a string of breathtaking, unofficial remixes under that name started appearing 12 months ago—‘Billboard’ by S-Type, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by soul legend Bill Withers, and, controversially, ‘Latch’ by Disclosure, which was forcibly taken down after 24 hours and has since existed as an “urban legend” of sorts online. Everyone from Skrillex and Diplo to Ryan Hemsworth has been playing them. Who could it be? Where were they coming from.The answer: 21-year-old Norwegian producer Peder Losnegård.

“There´s a thousand remixes of Disclosure´s ´Latch`but [Lido’s] is the flipping next level.”
(Tweet Oliver `Skream` Jones)

“I Love You is the jam of all jams! Nice one.”
(Tweet Steve Aoki)

Barren Womb

Saturday, March 21st from 1:15 AM, Bar 96

Recording: Available (excl U.S. Spartan Records | John Frazier)
Publishing: Available
Management: The Perfect Hoax | Tony Gonzahl
Booking: Available

Since their inception in late 2011, Norwegian Noise Rock duo Barren Womb have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their nasty swill of Hardcore Punk, Rock ’n’ Roll, Country and Black Metal.

In the few years the band have been active they have already toured Europe relentlessly and released one critically acclaimed album, as well as a slew of shorter releases, steadily building up a cult following. 2015 will see the duo release their second album, produced by Håkon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho, Ida Jenshus), and tour loads more, both in Europe and the US.

“It’s rare that a band sounds this pummeling and gleeful at the same time”
(Decibel Magazine)

“Barren Womb push the boundaries of what two guys with instruments can create”

“There must be something in the water over in Norway, because we’ve been getting some killer hardcore from over there”


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