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Norwegian artists and industry to The Great Escape

By Christian Gran Svenningsen

Amanda Tenfjord performing at by:Larm 2019 in Oslo. (Photo: Henning Bjordal Stokka)

Girl in Red, Fieh and Pom Poko among the Norwegians travelling to Brighton

It is soon the time of the year when Brighton’s coastal city is filled with music industry professionals and aspiring, hopeful bands and artists from around the world. From May 9th – May 11th, the showcase festival and conference will take place in 2019.

The Great Escape has become an arena a good handful from the Norwegian industry travel to in order to meet international and British industry. On top of that, a selection of Norway’s talent has been on the different stages the last few years. Last year, Fanny Andersen, Great News, Fred Well and Sassy 009 were among the Norwegians who performed.

Head of Music Norway’s London office, Henrik sanne Kristensen, will be travelling to Brighton as well. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat with him, he can be reached easily by sending an e-mail to henrik@musicnorway.no. In relation to The Great Escape closing in, he was asked by the SVS Radio to compile a list of his Norwegian favorites, check them out here.

“Norwegian bands and artists such as Highasakite, Susanne Sundfør, Aurora, dePresno, Sigrid, Sløtface and Astrid S have played at The Great Escape before, and showed the industry that Norway is an important music force,” Sanne Kristensen says.

Norwegian industry professionals from companies such as MADE Management, Sony Music Norway, FKP Scorpio Norway, Arctic Rights, GramArt, Live Nation Norway and Indianer Management are also packing their bags for The Great Escape.

Seven Norwegian bands and artists are on this year’s line up for the showcase festival: 

Girl In Red
Thursday May 9th: The Deep End, 6.15 – 6.45 PM
Friday May 10th: Komedia, 8.15 – 8.45 PM

Friday May 10th: The Arch7.15 – 7.45 PM

Friday May 10th: The Hope and Ruin, 8.00 – 8.30 PM
Saturday May 11th: 
One Church, 12.20 – 12.50 PM

Friday May 10th: Latest Music Bar, 11.15 – 11.45 PM
Saturday May 11th: 
One Church, 2.15 – 2.45 PM

Saturday May 11th:
Sallis Benney Theatre, 5.15 – 5.45 PM

Amanda Tenfjord
Friday May 10th: The Hope and Ruin, 12.00 – 12.30 PM
Saturday May 11th:
The Dive Bar – Beach Site, 7.00 – 7.30 PM

Pom Poko
Friday May 10th: Jubilee Square, 2.30 – 3.00 PM
Saturday May 11th:
Sallis Benney Theatre, 7.15 – 7.45 PM

See more information on when and where here.

Check out our playlist covering all the Norwegian artists playing in Brighton this year:


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