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Report shows healthy Norwegian music industry

By Christian Gran Svenningsen

Boya Pablo at Øya Festival 2018 (Photo: Anna Lerheim Ask)

The report shows a 7 percent increase in revenue of 388 million Norwegian Kroner. Part of the hike can be traced back to international income.

Overall, the report shows that the Norwegian music industry is growing, based on an analysis of numbers from 2017. The increase of 7 percent bumps the total revenue up to 4.889 billion Norwegian kroner (NOK). The export of Norwegian music stands for around NOK 348 million, a number that has increased by 8 percent since 2016 when it totaled to NOK 321 million.

The domestic revenue from 2017 is split into four different categories:

Recorded Music: NOK 951 million.
Concerts: NOK 2.590 billion (highest revenue recorded in the period 2012-2017, a 10 percent yearly increase).
Publishing: NOK 1 billion
International Revenue: NOK 348 million.

The analysis and production of the report Kunst i tall (Art in numbers), has been conducted by Rambøll Management Consulting by appointment from Arts Council Norway. It is done yearly, and gives an overview of the revenue flows domestically, as well as internationally.

“Despite the challenges we face, the increased revenue equips the industry with the opportunity to invest further. There is optimism for the future in the Norwegian music industry.”
Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, Music Norway’s Executive Director.

Read the report here (in Norwegian).

Norway: A country of the arts

Hence the name, “Art in numbers”, Rambøll’s report includes analysis of Norwegian Literature, visual- and performing arts. The total amount of revenue generated by these fields of art amounted to NOK 13.998 billion in 2017.

Music: NOK 4.889 bilion
Literature: NOK 6.186 billion
Visual arts: NOK 1.821 billion
Performing arts: NOK 1.103 billion


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