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Robyn wins Hyundai Nordic Music Awards

By Christian Gran Svenningsen

Lil Halima and Marja Mortensson from Norway were nominated, but the Swedish star brought it home this year

At a special awards ceremony during by:Larm 2019, the official announcement of the winner of this year’s Hyundai Nordic Music Prize for “Best Nordic album of 2018” took place.

Hyundai Nordic Music Prize is one of the most significant music awards in the Nordic region, and the ambition behind the prize is to tighten the relationship between the Northern countries, in addition to exposing Nordic talent to international industry. It is the only prize that celebrates musical talents across the entire Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

2019 was the 9th consecutive year of the prize, where two Norwegian artists were nominated. Lil Halima with her album bad lovers, and Marja Mortensson with Mojhtestasse, however, it was  Robyn and her album Honey who won this year.

The Norwegians had a shot at following their colleagues, Susanne Sundfør, Jenny Hval and Band of Gold in winning the prize. In other words it could have been the fourth consecutive year with a Norwegian winner.

Nordic jury

Audun Vinger (NO), Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen (IS), Ilkka Mattila (FI), Annah Björk (SE) and Anna Ullman (DK).

International jury

Jeanette Lee (Rough Trade), Jude Rogers (The Guardian), Eric Deines (Jagjaguwar) and Stuart Maconie (BBC).

Overview of all Nordic nominees 2019

Bisse – Tanmaurk
Soho Rezanejad – Six Archetypes
Astrid Sonne – Human Lines

Jori Hulkkonen – Simple Music For Complicated People
Karina – Karina

GDRN – Hvað ef
GYDA – Evolution

Lil Halima – love songs for bad lovers
Marja Mortensson – Mojhtestasse

Sarah Klang – Love in the Milky Way
Robyn – Honey
Jenny Wilson – EXORCISM

Previous winners of The Nordic Music Prize since 2010

Jonsi (IS) – Go 

Goran Kajfeš (SE) – X/Y

First Aid Kit (SE) – The Lion’s Roar

The Knife (SE) – Shaking the Habitual

Mirel Wagner (FI) – When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day

Band of Gold (NO) – Band of Gold

Jenny Hval (NO) – Blood Bitch 

Susanne Sundfør (NO) — Music for People in Trouble


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