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TFF Rudolstadt Festival to announce major Norwegian line-up at Berlin event

By Tomas Lauvland Pettersen Posted: 09. Apr, 2015

Berlin next week: the TFF Rudolstadt Festival to announce major 2015 Norwegian line-up.

TFF Rudolstadt – one of Europe’s biggest roots/folk/world music festivals announces major 2015 Norwegian line-up.

TFF Rudolstadt is Germany’s biggest roots, folk and world music festival and one of the largest and most important European festivals of its kind with 70000-90000 visitors each year. The festival takes place in the Thuringian city of Rudolstadt during first weekend in July, with more than 100 bands from all over the world, playing app 250 performances on more than 20 scenes.

For the 25th anniversary of the festival, Norwegian folk music and dance has been selected as a special focus at the festival, and on Mon 13th of April the TFF Rudolstadt Festival is set to announce the historically strong Norwegian line-up. At an event held at the Norwegian embassy, open to the public, the seven major folk/jazz acts that constitute the festival’s 2015 Norwegian focus will be announced.

Following the festival’s programme announcement, will be a panel discussion titled ‘Norwegian folk music’s wider footprint – From Grieg to ECM’ which will discuss the genre’s influence on other music styles. Rounding off the event is an exclusive concert by one of the Norwegian traditional music scene’s most prolific performers, Gjermund Larsen.

Norway at TFF Rudolstadt 2015
When: Mon, 13. April 2015, 16.30 – 19 hrs.
Where: Felleshus der Nordischen Botschaften, Rauchstraße 1, 10787 Berlin
RSVP: http://presseempfang-norwegen-beim-tff-rudolstadt.eventbrite.co.uk

Panel discussion: ‘Norwegian folk music’s wider footprint – From Grieg to ECM’

Moderator: Carsten Beyer (Deutschlandradio Kultur, RBB Inforadio, RBB Kulturradio) Panelists: Matthias Wendl (Artribute), Bernhard Hanneken (TFF Rudolstadt), Linda Dyrnes (FolkOrg), Helge Westbye (Grappa)

In its origin, traditional Norwegian folk music used to be a matter of soloists performing in very specific styles and limited contexts, meaning that folk culture was largely a local phenomenon without any real possibility of gaining access to a general music market.

However, looking back at the last century, the impact of folk music on modern Norwegian music is undeniable. We can trace the line of its wider footprints from Edvard Grieg’s romantic approach to Geirr Tveitt’s love affair with the music from Hardanger. We see it being celebrated in today’s generation of modern composers like Lasse Thoresen and Evind Buene or the modern “chamber folk” of Christan Wallumrød.

Jazz composers/performers Jan Garbarek and Arild Andersen have been instrumental in shaping the sound and legacy of one of the world’s most respected music labels, namely ECM, drawing heavily on the same traditions. Label founder and producer Manfred Eicher has continued to honor and support the tradition, releasing some of Norway’s most celebrated music internationally throughout the last decades. Trio Mediaeval, Sinikka Langeland, Frode Haltli and Nils Økland being some of the obvious names that springs to mind that use traditional and folk music as an important inspiration. The latter two also consistently bridging the distance between traditional and experimental music.

Why have the rhythmic, stylistic and melodic qualities of folk music had an increasingly strong influence on classical, experimental and jazz musicians and composers in the last twenty to thirty years? Why are Norwegian composers and musicians so bold when it comes to transgressing their genre-boundaries? Do we see the same trends in Germany? Can we even see the traces of folk music’s influence on modern popular music from Scandinavia, its distinct sound often being characterized by its haunting yet often blue tonality? This and more will be discussed by an expert panel held in conjunction with the program launch of TFF Rudolstadt and its Norwegian focus in 2015.

Exclusive concert: Gjermund Larsen Trio

The debate will be rounded off with an exclusive concert by one of the Norwegian traditional music scene’s most prolific performers, Gjermund Larsen. Being a key member of such ensembles as Majorstuen in addition to being a highly respected solo performer, composer and bandleader of his own trio, Larsen is one of the scene’s busiest and most progressive supporters. In 2008 the trio received the Norwegian Grammy for their debut-album “Ankomst”, and their second album “Aurum” (2010), was nominated in two categories. Their third album “Reise”, on the German Galileo label, was recently bestowed with the “Vierteljahrespreis” of the German Critic’s Award.

Music Norway has allocated NOK 100k in travel support to the Norwegian contingent at the 2015 Rudolstadt Festival.


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