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The best Oslo tips during by:Larm

By Tina Brodal Posted: 26. Feb, 2020

by:Larm 2020 is approaching and on February 27-29, Oslo will be filled by a three-night live music extravaganza. We asked head of festival programming at by:Larm, Joakim Haugland, about the best places to grab a drink or coffee during the festival, and who to see while you’re here.

Whether it’s your first time to the Norwegian capital, or you’ve visited before, Oslo has a lot of exciting spots worth checking out in between the concerts. All places are close to the festival in a short walking distance from all venues. Here are Joakim Haugland’s best tips:

Bar Robinet
“In the middle of the festival, Oslo’s best bar. And the best party in Oslo. No guards, no queues, always unpleasantly full and with great great music, ran by local legend David Gurrik of Anal Babes, Astroburger and Big Balls Entertainment fame.”

Mariboes gate 7, 0183 Oslo

Bar Lardo
“This bar also in the middle of the festival and kind of the “older more behaved sister” of Robinet. Started out with a bit older guests but now all the kids of Oslo drinks expensive nature wine so we didn’t have this one for ourselves very long. You can also get cheese and ham here if you need a small snack during the festival.”

Møllergata 38A, 0172 Oslo

Dr. Kneips
“Oslo classic that has been around for almost 30 years. If you want fish, and you do, because you are in Norway – this is the place. Also note that this was Oslo’s first winebar, they know their shit!”

Torvbakkgata 12, 0550 Oslo

Le Benjamin
“Very popular restaurant and the Grunerløkka restaurant with the best reviews. Note that by:Larm is during Skrei season – the best cod there is – and this is the place to get it.”

Søndre gate 6, 0550 Oslo

“New wine bar that serves two dishes every night, one meat and one fish, plus a selection of small dishes and snacks. Located inside a cosy small house. A brand new favourite, very close to the festival site.” PS: All delegates get 10% off at Nektar during by:Larm

Fredensborgveien 42, 0177 Oslo

“Coffee, naturwine and clothes. Close to the festival area Vulkan, local brand/shop Dapper has just opened a new and beautiful store with great coffee and nature wine. Highly recommended.”

Nordre gate 20, 0551 Oslo

Cool place and great coffee with their own roast.

Thorvald Meyers gate 18A, 0555 Oslo

One of the best coffee bars in the world period.

Grüners gate 1, 0552 Oslo

Coffe without a name
Still nameless, but at Vulkan (festival area) you can get coffee from Sweden’s best roasters, Drop Coffee. Taste their Hunkute and you are in for a ride. Addictive.

 Vulkan 1-40, 0178 Oslo

When it comes to how to see while your at by:Larm, here are Haugland’s best advice:

Curl is a London collective with among others Mica Levi. I dont know much more. But I think that’s enough.

Karolinski (N)
Karolinski came through over demo competition (Jury’s Selection) and was one of my favourites this year, it didn’t have a demo feel at all and it felt
like this is music ready for the worlds clubs immediately. Dubby house/disco building on the heritage from her peers Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas.

Marta Salogni (UK)
Marta Salogni is known as one of the best mixing engineers and producers today having worked with Bjørk, The XX, Bon Iver, FKA Twigs to name a few. She held a lecture at last years
Bylarm, but this year she returns with her own music. Very excited about this one!

Juni Habel (N)
Another favourite from our demo panel (Jury’s Selection), folk a place in-between Bert Jansch, Joni Mitchell, Jessica Pratt and Vashti Bunyan. Beautiful.

Perila (Ru)
Her vinyl only release, Irer Dent, was one of my favourite releases last year. Beautiful minimalist/ambient/spoken-word like a mix of Kara-Lis Coverdale and Jenny Hval

Upsammy (NL)
Upsammy from Amsterdam makes melodic electronic music somewhere between head and club. Check out her wonderful Wild Chamber mini album from last year. For fans of Boards Of Canada, Skee Mask, early Autechre.

Sissel Vincent (S)
We have tried to book her a few times, finally it happened. Part of a wave of Nordic artists that fuses avant/experimental electronics and techno. If you liked Astrid Sonne and Puce Mary who played last year, you will love Sissel Vincent.

Bella Boo (S)
Bella Boo is signed to one of my favourite labels Studio Barnhus. Her Once Upon A Passion was one of the best house albums of 2019.

Norwegian artist, who has lived abroad most of his career, but has now moved back home. He releases his music with Berlin’s hip Pan Records.
Check out his track on Pan’s great Mono No Aware compilation and you will have the best introduction to his music.

Klein (UK)
Klein’s Lifetime album that was on most Best Of 2019 lists. The album is like no other, completely in its own world, strange and mysterious. Highly recommended and I cannot wait to see her live.

Ela Minus (CO)
We heard a demo and was immediately hooked. Already booked to Coachella, and signed to Domino – read the signs, and be there.

Giant Swan (UK)
Giant Swan was a small breakthrough sensation in 2019. I have a feeling that their intense, raw and brutal mix of punk and electronics will be the live act of ByLarm 2020.

Caroline (UK)
Latest signing by Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee on their legendary Rough Trade label. When you know that they also signed The Smiths, Strokes, Libertines, Anthony & Johnsens,
and Arcade Fire, its worth listening – very carefully. Caroline don’t have any music out yet. But trust us, its great! 8 piece collective creating a cosmic mix folk and country.

by:Larm 2020 kicks off February 27-29. Read more here.


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