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The Nordic market crossing boarders in collaboration

By Tina Brodal Posted: 14. Oct, 2020

As the music industry faces challenges due to Covid-19, the Nordic music export offices strongly believe in co-operation and in standing together.

The pan-Nordic export collaboration NOMEX (Nordic Music Export Programme) has launched trade missions and other export projects for 12 years. The aim is to facilitate growth in the Nordic music sector.

Thomas Rohde, the CEO of MXD – Music Export Denmark, has been involved since the beginning and recalls that the primary target markets for most people in the music industry back then were the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

“We saw huge benefits in pooling the resources of the Nordic music export offices and then attack those markets in unity with great strength,” Rodhe says.

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Grow more in the Nordics
Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, the Executive Director of Music Norway, says that there’s a slight change of strategy in the air: instead of aiming straight to the USA or Asia, companies want to grow more possibilities within the Nordic market first. Many in the industry view their local market too small to build a platform steady enough to launch in large markets.

“By building an audience in our closest markets, artists can gain the economic muscles needed to endure larger tours and marketing campaigns to reach an even larger audience. Having built a large audience in the Nordics also helps in making the artist much more attractive to international partners”, Finnskog says.

The Nordic market is more important for Icelandic music than ever, says Sigtryggur Baldursson, the Managing Director of Iceland Music. The accessibility to these markets and correspondence between the Nordic offices have been prominent even with the coronavirus situation.

“The Nordic market is in many ways more open and positive towards our music. Especially for us here in small Iceland, it’s more of an incentive for us to go to the Nordics, than for our Nordic siblings to come here to our tiny marketplace”, Sigtryggur describes.

Increased export to neighboring markets
Covid-19 isn’t the only crisis we’re facing. Kaisa Rönkkö, the Executive Director of Music Finland, believes that the pressure generated by the climate change and diminishing economical resources will only build more interest in exporting music to neighboring markets.

“That is worth investing in right now. There’s an immense amount of untapped potential in every genre in the Nordics”, Rönkkö says.

Rönkkö explains that the NOMEX collaboration guarantees a broader background organization for every participant, which acts as a helpful support in upcoming projects.

“In addition the pan-Nordic export missions and projects like Ja Ja Ja brings visibility to the Nordic music export as a whole. Together we are bigger and more diverse”, Rönkkö says.

Morning Coffee with the Nordics
The first initiative that has been taken is a weekly panel series called “Morning Coffee with the Nordics” were we go behind the scenes of global successes in each Nordic country. In the panels each participant will also be speaking to innovating music companies expanding in the region and discuss intra-Nordic collaborations with artists and labels. Read more about Morning Coffee with the Nordics here.


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