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Their Top 100 tracks have surpassed 2.5 billion streams on Spotify

By Christian Gran Svenningsen

Erik Brataas and Kai Robøle from Arctic Rights Management. (Photo: Christian Gran Svenningsen)

A large chunk of the streams comes from Dua Lipa’s worldwide hit New Rules.

In 2018 Waterfall Music head, Kai Robøle went together with former Phonofile-head Erik Brataas and former Director of Business Development at Stim in Stockholm, Kerstin Mangert, to form Arctic Rights Management. By doing so they now represent 30 songwriters and artists, in addition to the catalogs of Waterfall Music, Obel Publishing, parts of Norsk Musikkforlag, MTG, Jansen Plateproduksjon and Beatservice. In addition, they have sub-publishing deals with BMG for the world outside of Scandinavia and the UK, and Kassner Music Group for the UK.

Their activities have now started to pay off with results showing through numbers from Spotify. Statistics extracted shows that their “Top 100” songs on the streaming platform have accumulated more than 2.5 billion streams in total.

“We are very proud of this, of course. It shows us that all the time and money we have put into this has paid off. Results from publishing activities is not something you see short term,” says Kai Robøle.

Norwegian music is a big contributor

One of their main goals is to keep publishing rights in Norway. A good example of doing exactly that has been their work with songwriter Caroline Ailin, who is one of the writers behind Dua Lipa’s enormous hit “New Rules.” Said song alone has over 1.1 billion streams.

“It has taken about seven years to get Caroline Ailin where she is today, and her work with Dua Lipa is of course a big contributor to the many millions of streams, but we also see that music with Norwegian lyrics have a large impact as well,” says Robøle.

They have spent a lot of time on gathering their “Top 100” performing songs on Spotify and monitored the total streaming activity, where they recently saw the total surpass 2.5 billion. In a recently published report from the Norwegian performing rights organization, Tono, it was revealed that income from abroad grew by 16 per cent. Brataas and Robøle see that these numbers are reflected in their activities as well.

“Even though a majority of streams and income comes from our biggest international hits, we are very excited to see the diversity of songwriters and artists that succeed. Our top 100 mirrors our ambitions to work with a broad catalog and with talents crossing genres, with both English and Norwegian lyrics,” Brataas says.

Ailin has also written songs for Ellie Goulding and Clean Bandit (Mama), and Katy Perry and Zedd (365). Songwriter, Magnus Bertelsen has contributed to multiple of Alan Walker’s songs, where “Sing Me To Sleep” has close to 230 million streams. He also written and produced for Marcus & Martinus. Norwegian lyricist and artist Admiral P, and rapper Onkl P are among the top performing artists and songwriters as well.

Can be traced years back to funding from Music Norway

The duo from Arctic Rights Management have a long history in the Norwegian music industry and look back at how long time it can take to see actual results. This being camps, trips around the world or from grant schemes Music Norway provides the Norwegian Music Industry with.

“Some of these songs are results of projects we started in Waterfall Music seven and eight years ago, it takes time to nurture relationships and form a career as a songwriter. Many of the songs performing well on Spotify are direct results from projects that have been funded by Music Norway” says Kai Robøle.

It can take time to see results, and they are happy to see that they finally pay off, but as they mention, that is the name of the game in the publishing business.

“These numbers are with no doubt affecting our business in a very positive way, both economically and reputation wise. It gives us the opportunity to invest further in the company, in addition to having numbers to show for when negotiating with potential partners,” Brataas adds.

Check out their Top 100 playlist: 


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