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These are the Norwegian Keychange participants

By Tina Brodal Posted: 13. Feb, 2020

DJ Charlotte Bendiks, the Sami pop group ISÁK and the modern soul artist Miss Tati are the first Norwegian artists selected in the Keychange talent development program.

In addition, Jennifer Gunn, Kine Lundervold and Amira Morstaq Ali have been selected as the Norwegian participants in the mentoring program for industry professionals. Oslo World is one of the official partner festivals in Keychange 2.0, a project aimed at increasing the diversity of the global music scene.

Artist and industry professionals from 12 different countries have been selected by experts in the music industry to participate in the Keychange talent development program in 2020. Over 650 applications were processed, and there is a huge range in scope – from Estonian singer and violinist Maarja Nuut to Belin-based pop artist DENA.

The Keychange project, which is led by Reeperbahn Festival, PRS Foundation and Musikcentrum Öst, aims to make festivals around the world more diverse through incentives, talent development, open discussions and collaboration between festivals.

Oslo World is one of 12 festivals which are part of Keychange, and was one of the first festivals to sign the pledge at the core of Keychange 1.0. By doing so they are committed to reach a 50/50 gender balance by 2022.

Keychange 2.0
The program kicks off in February with a large networking meeting in Stockholm. The Reeperbahn Festival is in charge of the program along with the the PRS Foundation and the Music Center Öst. The aim is to provide the 74 participants with knowledge and opportunities to take new career steps. The selected are the first of three groups to participate in this program, which was announced in summer 2019.

In addition to the network meetings and mentorship program, participants will participate in creative labs at one of the 13 festivals that are partners in the Keychange program, where Oslo World is the Norwegian partner. The announcement of the first participants comes at the same time as the number of organizations that have signed the joint aim of gender balance at festivals has passed 300.

Read the Keychains manifest here.

Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Festival Manager Oslo World

– For Oslo World, working for the greatest possible diversity, whether we are talking about gender, genre and origin, lies at the heart of the festival. Our job is in many ways to level the landscape, and in so doing extend what both audiences and artists think is possible. In the long run, increased diversity on stage is an investment in larger, more diverse audiences and a larger pool of interesting artists. That is why we are a partner festival in Keychange. Oslo World had a 60% female share in 2019, but much work remains to be done. The fact that a project looks at both recruitment on and behind the stage is one of the keys to lasting change for the music scene. It will be very exciting to follow the first group of Keychange delegates, three amazing artists and three exciting industry professionals, says festival director for Oslo World, Alexandra Archetti Stølen.

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, Director, Music Norway

– This is a unique program that can provide many young girls in the music industry with an experience and a network early on in their career. Keychange 2.0 is an important initiative for female artists to achieve the same starting point as men when it comes to who should be booked, talked about or played. It is a program that will both work as a wakeup call for us in the industry and make us work for better and more equal opportunities, but it also gives the talents the opportunity to talk together, work together, share experiences and network. It gives young girls an important voice – early on. It has been important for Music Norway to keep up with Keychange, and we are incredibly pleased to be able to follow it even further, says Synnes Finnskog.

Maria Mediaas Jørstad, General Manager of Talent Norway

– Through Keychange, Oslo World wants to work towards strengthening women’s opportunities in the music industry, and to secure female representation on the global music scene. This is a goal Talent Norway shares. Through our women’s initiative, we work every day to improve structures that maintain gender bias. It is very important for us to know that the female talents meet an industry where they have just as much opportunity to exercise their artistic work as their male counterparts, says Maria Mediaas Jørstad of Talent Norway.

Christina Schäfers, Head of Keychange and Program Manager for the Reperbahn Festival

– The talent development program is the heart of the Keychange initiative. While the commitment to balance the festival posters motivates organizations to book more diversity, we help the talents find their way to the stage. After having had a dialogue with a number of different artists and experts during phase one of the project, we are very pleased to see how an inclusive approach to recruitment has led to a very exciting group of participants in 2020. We are proud to represent several different gender minorities and participants from minority groups across ethnicities, genres and career stages. The Keychange team works hard to create a meaningful and impactful program, and we look forward to working with all participants. We are excited about what is in store for them, and look forward to hosting this incredible group at the meetings in Stockholm and at the Reperbahn Festival.

For more information, please contact:
alexandra@osloworld.no or achy@osloworld.no

Keychange contacts in the UK: Dulcie@wearefullfat.com or Josh@wearefullfat.com


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