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Two new Top 10 entries

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 07. May, 2015

Broiler with a new official remix on the chart as well as the party anthem of the season.

Kygo still reign atop Top 10 with ‘Stole the Show’ on both Spotify and WiMP. His dominance is marked by a total of four tracks on the two charts. But a new group have over the weeks shown to be a competent challenger to Kygo’s long time chart run. Broiler have seen a fair share of weeks, but with the later two remixes they’ve done for Imageine Dragons with ‘Shots’ and latest ‘It’s You’ originally by Syn Cole, the duo is set to be on the charts for plenty of weeks ahead. The latter enters the Spotify chart this week at #6, while ‘Shots’ stay put on #2.

We also welcome Robin og Bugge this week with what might be the party anthem of the season. ‘Best når jeg er full’ (Best When I’m Drunk) enters at #7.

Over at WiMP the chart sees no changes from last week with Kygo, Madcon and Freddy Kalas in the top three.

Will Broiler climb to the top? Check in next week to find out!


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