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We met up with all-female collective KOSO

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 08. Oct, 2015

Anana, Pieces of Juno and DJ Soldal of creative collective KOSO (photo: Erlend Buflaten)

They’re here to break common perception on women in music.

KOSO is an all-female creative collective, record label and club night based in Oslo. It’s Monday and Kine Sandbæk, Marit Soldal (DJ Soldal) and Anniken Jess Iversen (Anana) have just got back from a KOSO workshop weekend at Notodden where they worked on new ideas and material. The latest edition to the KOSO brand is the newly established record label which will release KOSO’s own artists and people they work close with.

We meet at Marit’s appartement in the heart of Oslo, which Kine describes as the current KOSO headquarters. Kine is the singer/producer behind Juno and Pieces of Juno and she just released the video to her single “Same to me”, directed and edited by fellow KOSO member Kristine Meling Enoksen.

– So what’s on top of KOSO’s agenda these days?

Kine Well, a lot! This weekend we had a great workshop outside of the city, where we got to focus on some new ideas we’ve had in our minds for quite some time and test things out for each other.

Anniken And we are gearing up to release two sided singles from Sara Angelica and Pieces of Juno, which we’re really excited about.

Kine Yes! And we’re also working with lilleStine and Anniken is writing and producing new material under Anana.

Anniken If I can get it done though..

– Quite a bit going on! What feedback have you recieved since launching KOSO?

Kine It’s been solely positive. We see that people look at what we produce and not the fact that we’re women. We’ve been contacted by people wanting to work with which is great. KOSO is a stance to show that women work just as great as men do in the creative industry. Women’s work are always downgraded to that of just being a part something men do.

– Tell me how it’s like working in KOSO and what you get out of being a part of a collective like this?

Anniken It’s really good. The fact that you always have someone you trust that can listen through stuff you’re working on and give you honest feedback is something I value  deeply.

Kine To be able to have someone bring new aspects and ideas to your work is amazing. We’re not competing, we just want each other to do great. And it’s brilliant to have so many different people close. From photography, video, producers and artists and DJs.

Marit It’s fun to be able to do a lot of things in house with people we trust and love. In some way you could say we are each others role models.

‘Run’ by Sara Angelica premiered premiered this week. Listen to the Pieces of Juno produced track below.


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