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Week 36 in review

By Erlend Buflaten Posted: 04. Sep, 2015

Lucid Dream that will be

A new national festival report shows Norwegians love for festivals and we take a closer look at Ultima’s great program. These are some of the things we’ve covered this week.

40% of Norwegians visited a festival in 2014

We know we love festivals. Some three-four hundred festivals of all sizes are arranged across Norway every year. Last week a new report showed that 1,8 million Norwegians attended a festival last year. Considering the country’s relatively small population of just over 5 million that accounts for nearly 40% of the entire population.

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Ultima kicks off its 25th edition next week with a spectacular program

Next week will see Oslo turning to the center of contemporary music in the world as Ultima starts September 10. The festival has grown to be the biggest of its kind in the Nordics and has seen a steady increase in international visitors over the last years. The spectacular and diverse program features world premieres of no less then 12 works.

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Oslo based researcher has found how changing piano techniques have influenced the sound over two centuries

Researcher Christina Kobb has spent the last years learning the piano techniques of the 19th century and studying how the changes in playing methods have impacted the sound. As it turns out the sound has evolved with the techniques.

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Nordic Playlist launch Trenda

Nordic music hotspot Nordic Playlist recently launched Trenda, weekly updated charts on the most popular Nordic tracks in the five countries. The charts includes artists, songwriters and producers.

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Cortex kick off their second US tour next week

Next week sees Cortex heading out on a US tour with nine scheduled performances. This will be Cortex’ second live tour in the US and will showcase the groups latest album ‘Live!’ for american audiences.

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