Øya International 2024

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Oslo, Norway

Øya festivalen
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2024 wil see the celebration of Øya Festival 25 years! 

Øyafestivalen is one of Oslo's largest music events. During five days in August, people gather in Oslo and the Tøyen Park to enjoy live music and great food, meet people, and soak up the atmosphere. But the festival is not just about having fun. Øya is on a mission to be one of the world's most sustainable events.

Øya International

For the past 20 years, about 150 industry people from around the world have joined us for that one week in August, participating in the festival and meeting the Norwegian music industry. Next to the festival we will be running a day to day program designed especially for our international guests and Norwegian industry proffessionals.

The Øya International program is one of Norway's largest international delegate programs. Over five days, it facilitates the establishment of strong and lasting connections between the domestic and international music industry when some of the key gatekeepers to international markets visit the Øya Festival.

Shunning the copy-and-paste line-up of so many festivals, Oslo’s Øya has an ever-growing reputation for its environmental initiatives, gender and genre diversity, small but impressive green site in a city centre setting, and pitting some massive names up against local and rising talent.

— Andrew Trendell, NME, Øya 2023 review

Some words about the festival and the location:

Tøyenparken which is situated next to the beautiful botanical gardens, a football field and picturesque walking paths in this great amphitheater park. Promoter Claes Olsen says:

"Øya is about being an urban park festival, more than a dirty field. We got into this because of our love for music, not love for mud and running a camping site.

The city centre is only a short walk from the festival, which creates an exciting rendezvous between nature and culture and between the outdoor festival experience during the day and intimate club shows at night.

Often cited in the press as a beautiful festival with beautiful people Øya Festival is an energetic and symbiotic experience with a unique atmosphere and audience that bares resemblance to no other. The festival is well organised, providing a stress free experience. It is equipped with stages, shopping streets and small shops serving food and drink (almost 100% organic and locally sourced). There’s a focus on delicious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with a special focus on organic food from small-scale producers.


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The program is supported by Ministry of Culture and Equality
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The program is supported by the Minestry of Foreign Affairs and The Royal Norwegian Embassies.