Spot festival 2024

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Aarhus, Denmark


SPOT is an internationally recognized festival in Aarhus, Denmark, showcasing and creating a platform for the latest trends in Danish and Nordic music. 2024 will mark the 29th edition of the festival

Through out the years several Norwegian acts has played Spot. The festival also attracts Norwegian music industry professionals. First Norwegian act booket for the 2024 edition is Rambow

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Rambow is a young multitalent with a prominent personality that shines through in all the projects he is involved in. Rambow, also known as Simon Negash, gained recognition in 2018 as an actor with the lead role in the NRK series 'Rektors kontor.' In 2020, he kickstarted his music career and released his very first single, 'Bentley.' Both as an actor and an artist, Rambow has already built a solid fan base at the age of 19. With only four singles released in 2020, Rambow was named 'Årets Urørt' (Rookie of the Year) by NRK P3 in 2021. That same year, he was seen performing at P3 Gull, and in 2023, he was nominated as ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ at P3 Gull. The artist name is inspired by the movie character Rambo, but it mainly reflects the rap style that Simon embodies when delivering rhymes like arrows from a bow.

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