Vill Vill Vest 2024

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Bergen, Norway

Vill Vill Vest
Takobitch 2019
TACOBITCH at Vill Vill Vest 2019 (Photo: Øystein Haara)

Vill Vill Vest is a showcase festival in the heart of Bergen.

During its eight years of existence, Vill Vill Vest has established itself as Western Norway's most important music festival and arena for both artists and the industry. The festival is an important meeting place where local music companies can build networks with both national and international industry players at home.

Vill Vill Vest presents exciting new Norwegian artists who get the opportunity to show off on Bergen's well-known and beloved stages.

In collaboration with the music office Brak, they focus on skill building via conferences, presentations and seminars with current topics in the music industry.