Anna Kristine Lund

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Anna Kristine Lund (Foto: privat)

Anna has a journalism degree from Volda University College and a background from NRK P13, NRK P3 and VGTV. At NRK, Anna has worked on everything from creating music content for the web, producing the events "P3-aksjonen" and "Urørtfinalen", to working with development and research for the TV program "HAIK", conducting jury work for P3Gull and producing a lot of radio. Anna has also worked at Vrang Produksjon, which delivered the music program "Christine" to NRK P3, where in addition to producing the radio programme, she worked with a focus on social media and events.

In VGTV, Anna has worked as a video journalist and producer for the programs "Panelet", "Voksenpoeng", "David og Oskar tar over verden" and "Harm & Hegseth". She has also worked with the development of new concepts, both for podcasts and TV.

In Music Norway, Anna works with video and sound production, social media and networking to increase the international profile of music from Norway. Contact Anna if you have tips for content in our channels or stories about Norwegian music that only need to be told to an international audience.