Henning Askjer Lefsaker

Henning frontal

Henning Askjer Lefsaker is a director, content producer and idea developer with a versatile background in TV, advertising and content production. He is a documentary director with background from the Norwegian Television School in Lillehammer and also has a bachelor's degree in Creativity, Innovation and Business Development from the Norwegian School of Marketing. With experience as series creator and producer for the TV 2 series Grenseløse Telemark and production of commercials for, among others, the Norwegian Armed Forces, Henning has specialist expertise in video. He has also worked as a content producer at Visma and Stabæk Fotball.

In 2013, he started the production company and label Minitravolta, which has, among other things, released Acres Wild and The Little Hands of Asphalt. Through Minitravolta, he has broad experience from the music industry, and in 2019 he created the web series 5 MIN FØR, which followed Norwegian artists in the minutes before they went on stage.

Henning is responsible for the development and production of content for Music Norway's channels. Contact Henning if you have a story that just needs to be told, or if you have input on how we can be more successful in promoting Norwegian music to the world.