Jennifer Gunn

Jennifer staende2

Jennifer started in the music industry after completing her BA in music production. After years of working creatively with music, she found her place in the industry in the role of a manager, having worked with various artists in the studio and guided them in songwriting, which later evolved into guidance in multiple aspects of their artist development. In 2018, she moved to Bergen and started her own company, focusing on management, promotion, and booking for up-and-coming artists. In the same year, she was selected for Music Norway's Master Class, and started a job at Made Management.

At Made, she worked with artists such as SKAAR, Moyka, SJUR, jens, ur Monarch, and others, with the primary focus on facilitating an international career. Since the autumn of 2021, Jennifer has been with Music Norway, where she uses her industry experience and network to advise on strategy and project manage export initiatives that strengthen the opportunities and international networks of exporters. Jennifer has a special focus on emerging markets and aims to connect international buyers and platforms with the Norwegian music industry. Based in Bergen, Jennifer will be present at Norwegian and international industry events throughout the year.