Aslak Oppebøen

Advisor jazz and folk, international networks. IT and system builder

Aslak Oppeboen
Aslak Oppebøen (Foto: Kristoffer Myhre)

Aslak leads our projects within the jazz and traditional music genre, in close collaboration with Norwegian and international industry organizations. Aslak leads delegates at international networking platform and is responsible for festivals such as Jazzahead and Womex, in addition to following up on international guest programs at Norwegian festivals. Aslak participates at festivals and industry meet-ups both abroad and in Norway, and has a vast international network of both media and industry professionals which he is happy to pass on.

Aslak runs several educational programs in his field and works closely with the Nordics in the network Nordic Folk Alliance. He is also responsible for IT, development and maintenance of Music Norway's digital tools.