7 Norwegian artists ready for Eurosonic 2023

Exciting up and coming bands and artists in the genres of hardcore, rock, pop, and indie-soul are some of the Norwegian acts you can expect to see at the showcase festival in the Netherlands.

Written by Tina Brodal 10.01.2023

Eurosonic norske 2023
7 Norwegian artists are ready for Eurosonic 2023.

Eurosonic is one of the biggest showcase festivals and the most important festival for the live industry in Europe. Seven Norwegian artists have now been confirmed and will play at the showcase festival. The festival takes place 18.-21. January 2023 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Music Norway has collaborated with the festival for many years and wants to ensure Norwegian visibility and presence at one of the most important live arenas in Europe.

Don't miss out on the Norwegian artists that will be performing in Groningen:


Eurosonic Skaar
SKAAR (Hilde Skaar) is ready for Eurosonic. Photo: Isak Jenssen

Growing up surrounded by the stunning scenery of the island of Stord, Hilde Skaar wasn’t afraid to stand-out. Her attitude was fuelled by her passion for music, from her early love for Coldplay and Foo Fighters, to discovering the empowerment and vulnerability of Banks. 23-year-old SKAAR is the next Norwegian alt-pop artist with the ability to make an international impact. Her first five singles have been A-listed at radio and she recorded the theme for the Netflix series ‘Home For Christmas’ and the motion pictures 'Askeladden’ and 'Battle'.

SKAAR will perform on Wednesday January 18 at Machinefabriek at 20:25-21:15.


Fixation performs January 18 at Eurosonic. Photo: Sebastian Ludvigsen

Fixation from Norway, is a brand new melodic metalcore act who freely combine elements from modern metalcore with stadium rock and post-metal. With their own interpretation of current affairs, Fixation set the soundtrack of a generation. The result is a refreshing take on social criticism, where earnest lyrics are set to catchy riffs and dynamic melodious synthesizers. The contrast between Jonas Hansen’s impressive vocal range and the heavy bass and drum rhythms makes for a roller coaster of melancholic aggression.

Fixation will perform January 18 at Mutua Fides at 23:45-00:30.


Metteson Photo Sondre Roe
Metteson is a stage performer which focuses his music around great big choruses. Photo: Sondre Røe

Metteson is a Norwegian pop gem with sharp edges and an impressive glimmer. The stage performer focuses his music around great big choruses and in his lyrics he never shies away from emotion. Inspired as much by the theatre as he is by Perfume Genius, ABBA, George Michael, Robyn and Christine and the Queens, Metteson makes music for the dancefloor - if the dancefloor is centred on Sofia Coppola's ‘Marie Antoinette’ juxtaposed with Berghain.

He will perform on Thursday January 9th - Praedinius Gymnasium - 23:40-00:25.

Ash Olson

Ash Olson
Ash Olson performs at Eurosonic Thursday January 19. Foto: esns.nl

Record companies threw themselves at Fredrikstad rapper Ash Olsen after they heard her first song ‘KITKAT’ in 2020. Since then, she has released her debut EP ‘ASHY’ which was warmly received by fans, press and radio, both nationally and internationally. The Norwegian writes all her songs herself, and produces them together with her producer Malte Høglund. Just out is ‘BORING!’, the first single from her upcoming album, due for released in 2023.

Thursday 19 January - Simplon Up - 23:00-23:45.


Photo: esns.nl

Combos made their live debut at Trondheim's Calling Festival in 2019, signing a booking agency deal and contracts with five of Norway's biggest festivals mere minutes after they left the stage. The punk/thrash-rock group then went on to play at those festivals and support several major Norwegian rock bands. Combos released their debut album ‘Steelo’ in May 2020, and are now ready to blow up Groningen first, and then hit new territories across Europe.

Thursday January 19 - All Round Poolcentrum - 23:45-00:30.


Hammok 1
Hammok performs at VERA on January 20. Photo: Pernille Augusta

Hammok's music is both alternative and aggressive. Though in essence a hardcore band, the Norwegians also draw a lot of inspiration from post-punk, indie, post-rock and metal. The trio from Oslo doesn’t shy away from breaking and challenging patterns and rules of the genre, adding some hip hop attitude or replacing guitars with synths. After a handful of singles Hammok is gearing up for their debut LP.

Hammok will perform on January 20 - VERA - 23:45-00:30.


Beharie will perform on January 21. Photo: Malin Longva

Beharie (Christian Beharie) is a young, old soul with a distinctive way of expressing himself. His vulnerable vocals are immersed in delicate harmonies located deep within the indie-soul landscape. Drawing inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean, Moses Sumney and Fleet Foxes, Beharie pulls the strings between the rawness of soul and melodic and experimental pop, indie and singer/songwriter material. His acclaimed third EP ‘Beharie, the Third’ earned him comparisons to Frank Ocean, both in voice and melody.

You can watch Beharie perform on January 21 - Forum Rabostudio - 00:15-01:00.

From Music Norway, advisor Nina Finnerud and director Tone Østerdal will be attending Eurosonic 2023.