Industry Talk: Emran Surizehi

Emran Surizehi is the manager for Dio Mudara and CEO of the production and management company LoudKind Music.

Written by Kristiane Lunde 14.02.2022


Tell us about yourself and your way into the music industry to where you are now?
My roots are from Balochistan, but I grew up in Norway. I come from a very musical and creative family. Before I fell into the world of music, I was caught up with my own interests, in creating projects for diversity, promoting anti-racism, setting up concerts, and working with youth empowerment among many other things.

I was first introduced to the music business via my friend and colleague, Patrick Ford. It started when I was invited to a trip to Sweden, where I got to witness the process behind what it took to create music, everything from writing the lyrics, to finding the right beat and sound before a song came alive. I had the honour to watch several producers and artists gather and create magic basically. That trip sparked a light in me towards the music industry.

I went on another trip to Los Angeles along with a producer duo called Drumma Battalion. There I got to see how they were working in the studio with artists such as Arizona Zervas, Abstract, Ollie and Yonas. It was a different atmosphere and a more diligent environment than back home. My experience in Los Angeles widened my horizon, I was totally inspired! Not long after I started working as a manager in both the music and entertainment industry. Today I am the manager for Dio Mudara and CEO of the production and management company LoudKind Music. In addition, I also manage actor/comedian Arman Surizehi.

What does a normal day in the office look like for you?
As a manager and part CEO, I have two different roles with different responsibilities.

My office is where my work takes me, whether it is a studio in Oslo or in a conference room overseas. As a manager, I happened to travel a lot from time to time. From a manager's point of view, I believe it is super important to always be advocating for whomever I am working with. But generally speaking, as a manager for a producer group it comes down to negotiating contracts, scheduling sessions with domestic and international artists, booking studio time, collecting payments, or planning ahead for a new overseas trip to work with different artists and discuss career strategies with the producers. But also enforce and promote the product and music that they create. On less busy days it can be as simple as going through emails, taking calls, going to meetings, and such.

As CEO, I am primarily responsible for executing major decisions regarding the company’s strategy and visions. Management of the company's material, overlook the production and department progress.

Ensuring that all routines and deadlines are followed up. The tasks consist of delegation, having a financial overview, administrative tasks, meetings, and last but not least make sure that the company's goals are achieved.

The day varies and so does the task, but the essence is as I have mentioned above.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
To always get back up when you fall, and I live by that.

Do you have any tips for others in the industry on how to work globally? What does it take to be seen/ heard?
Find out what you really want to work with, and stick to that. Embrace weaknesses as much as your strong side, that’s how you learn and grow. Try and find your skill sets, that will be your key to success. Along with hard work and consistency.

There are different types of departments in the music industry, whether you want to work with artists and go on tours or write songs, work for a major label company? Maybe you want to become a beatmaker/ producer or even try out as an artist yourself? Or like me as a manager? Whatever your cup of tea is, make sure to surround yourself with people you trust and share the same work ethic as you. This is a very competitive industry for sure. It is crucial to have a cool head and both feet landed on the ground. Staying humble yet determined will get you far.

Navigating through it all can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it will get easier with time. So don’t give up on your first try if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted right away.

Here are some tips that I found helpful when I started out:

  1. Travel and build networks. Contacts who share the same interest as you can be very helpful in the long run
  2. Think long-term and advocate for yourself or the company, artist, producer, etc whenever you get the chance, leave your info or business card.

  3. Learn to choose quality over quantity

  4. Seize opportunities and find ways to get more exposure through international collaborations

  5. Be thorough with your work and always deliver what you have promised and agreed upon. Remember your reputation is on the line

What are your plans moving forward? And your goals for the future?
To further invest internationally, the goal is to become a supplier within the production and management business. We wish to support producers, artists, and songwriters who share our ambitions and possess a high work ethic.