KUPP 2.1

Written by Tina Brodal 29.09.2022

Kupp 2 1 KOPI
The participants of KUPP 2.1 Photo: Kristiane Lunde

KUPP is a development and networking program for young, promising composers under 35 years old, initiated by Norwegian Society of Composers, Talent Norge, NB Notes and Music Norway with support from the Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and the Norwegian Composers' Fund. 7 composers have been chosen for the new edition of the KUPP-program: Agnes Hvizdalek, Maja Linderoth, Michaela Antalová, Martin A. Hirsti-Kvam, Tine Surel Lange, Steinar Yggeseth and Tze Yeung Ho.

The ambition of the program is to educate and assist the composers in their international work, with the goal of increasing collaborations, performances and a greater knowledge of international industry contacts. In the program, the composers are also commissioned to compose for an ensemble, preferably based on an existing or desired collaborations.

The next phase will be with professional ensembles. Music Norway and the Norwegian Composers' Association (Norsk Komponistforening) will also link the academic content even more closely to the individual participant, based on conversations and knowledge about where each of them stands in their careers and which projects they are working on.

I am incredibly fond of this program. The great feedback it has received here at home and the interest it has received internationally tells me that this is an important investment to be continued. I am grateful for the support from our partners that makes it possible to implement. It is a program where we can both explore and try to answer the challenges young composers face right now.

— Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, director of Music Norway.

The program runs over one year and consists of courses, mentoring sessions, promotion, participation at network gatherings, composing new works and meetings with program managers from festivals and record companies. There will be four joint gatherings, where the composers work partly in groups and partly individually.

The content of the program is put together by Music Norway and the Norwegian Composers' Association.