Nordic Music Biz announces Top 20 Under 30 for sixth year running

Ceremony to take place at by:Larm Festival on September 14th

Written by Carl Kristian Johansen 28.08.2023

All the winners of Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30 - 2023
All the winners of Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30 - 2023

The Nordic music industry has revealed the 20 individuals under 30 who are driving the industry forward through the annual Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30 initiative, set up by NOMEX (Nordic Music Export).

Now in its sixth year, the Nordic Music Biz’ Top 20 Under 30 initiative focuses on diversity across industry sectors and genres, reflecting the varied music scene in the region. This year, the list also highlights an industry talent from the Faroe Islands, expanding its reach.

NOMEX, a collaborative effort involving Export Music Sweden, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland, Iceland Music Export, and Music Norway, has been dedicated to nurturing growth and development within the Nordic music sector for over a decade

Behind the scenes, the young professionals play a significant role in the rise of Nordic music and its global impact, bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas to the ever-evolving industry.

Each year, the judging panel selects 20 under-30 individuals who are seen as potential future business leaders. These winners are honored at the by:Larm Festival, a prominent event in the Nordic music industry held in Oslo, Norway. This year’s festival is scheduled for September 14th.

The 2023 Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30 awardees were chosen based on a range of criteria, including company growth, career trajectory, industry recognition, recent industry impact, artistic growth, innovation, concert revenues, sales, streaming data, campaigns, and exposure through radio and television platforms.

The list of Top 20 Under 30 Winners 2023:


The Norwegian winners of Top 20 under 30, from the left: Aldin Duratovic, Dennis Kiil, Mina Ingebretsen and Peder Benjamin Hagen. (Collage: NOMEX)
The Norwegian winners of Top 20 under 30, from the left: Aldin Duratovic, Dennis Kiil, Mina Ingebretsen and Peder Benjamin Hagen. (Collage: NOMEX)

Aldin Duratovic (28), Founder & Manager at Get FAT. Music Group

Aldin Duratovic´s career began in 2019 when he started his own management company Duratovic Management and launched the careers of notable artists such as CCA Jonas, 8lanco, SALTI, and the producers Sander Emil «Prettiboi» Hammersland (40 + million streams) and Mario “BBMario” Blatancic, with an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the music industry, placing the artists and producers at the core of its ideologies. Later that year he joined his mentor Geir Luedy´s well known company Made Management and continued to build upon his roster, furthermore signing the artists Ash Olsen, Edot Lawrence and Laurent, and the talented producers Nova North in 2020 and 2021.

In 2020 Aldin also established the record label Get FAT. and signed a distribution agreement with Universal Music. Under Aldin’s leadership, Get FAT. has released a total of 34 songs, gathered millions of streams, created its own merchandise collection, organized label concerts also bridging in other parts of the culture in Bergen,making the label achieve substantial acclaim abroad and caught the attention of major global players in the music industry like Republic, Capitol, and Interscope, recognizing the potential of Get FAT. bridging the Norwegian market to the global stage.

Aldin continued his expansion in 2022 and past year includes highlights of releasing SALTI´s Norwegian Grammy nominated EP «Demons», also getting a plethora of nomination for Ash Olsens debut EP «ASHY», including a Norwegian grammy award and P3 Gull, launching the release of Ash Olsen´ s album «Golden Child» and her European tour.

Demonstrating an international outlook, Aldin has also in the past year signed London-based artist Margo Raats and Swedish producer Malte “Maltinh0” Høglund who was also Norwegian grammy nominated with Ash Olsen for her debut EP. Additionally, Aldin has served as a jury member for the Spellemann award for the past three years, making an impact on the Norwegian music scene.

In 2023 Aldin left Made and started Get FAT. Music Group, with Made becoming partners in the venture. The establishment of Get FAT. Music Group marked the creation of its own management division and label division. Get FAT. still operates with the core vision of an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the music industry, placing the artists and producers at the core of its ideologies. The creation of Get FAT. Music Group serves as Aldin´s testament to expand the company to the global music scene, and establish Get FAT. as a future leading music company breaking artists internationally.

Dennis Kiil (25), Founder, Kiil Management

Dennis Kiil is a Norwegian Artist Manager, record executive, and talent scout known for his work with major Norwegian and international acts like Aden Foyer, Roc Boyz, El Papi, Paul Hers and Andreas Hem. He began his music business journey in 2019 by assisting his friend El Papi, leading to a breakthrough in early 2020 with the hit song ‘Sykepleierinnen.’ This marked the start of Kiil’s focus on branding, marketing, and relationships alongside the music itself. Kiil later collaborated with Paul Hers and Aden Foyer, both driven artists with ambitious goals.

In 2022, Kiil, along with Paul Hers and Jonas Mjåset, orchestrated the launch of Aden Foyer’s project. Their combined experience and work ethic led to the successful marketing of Aden Foyer’s debut single ‘The Ballet Girl,’ propelling it to the top of Norway’s charts and TikTok trends. Despite attracting interest from major labels worldwide, the team chose to remain independent. Eventually, they signed a licensing deal with Columbia Records US and Columbia Records Germany for ‘The Ballet Girl,’ which continues to rise in popularity across Europe.

Kiil also achieved recognition with rap trio Roc Boyz in 2022, blending Norwegian and Swedish rap. Their collaboration ‘Bonanza feat. Greekazo’ achieved chart success in Norway and Sweden, establishing Roc Boyz as a prominent name in Scandinavian music. Kiil expanded their reach with collaborations and performances, setting sights on the Nordic rap scene.

El Papi, under Kiil’s guidance, returned with the song ‘Hjerteløs’ in 2022 after a brief hiatus, gaining traction in Norway and Sweden’s charts. Plans for the project ‘Paul Hers’ are underway, leveraging Kiil’s growing expertise in the industry.

Dennis Kiil’s dynamic career showcases his commitment to artist development, boundary-pushing collaborations, and strategic music management, solidifying his presence in the Norwegian music scene.

Mina Ingebretsen (29), International Export Manager, Universal Music Norway

Mina Ingebretsen, hailing from Stavanger, Norway, kickstarted her music career in London 9 years ago at Kobalt Music Recordings (now AWAL). During 5 years with the UK & International team, she collaborated with artists like Little Sims, Tom Misch, Rex Orange County, and led successful campaigns which included securing a #1 UK album for The Wombats as well as high chart positions for Kim Petras, Lauv and more.

A year ago, Mina returned to Norway as International Export Manager at Universal Music. At Universal she has played a pivotal role in international growth for Astrid S, Emilie Nicolas, Dagny, Victoria Nadine, and the recent sensation Alessandra. Accomplishments over the past year encompassed establishing label partnerships in the US, UK, and Germany, achieving international radio success, organizing promotional endeavors, and driving streaming and follower growth across global markets.

Mina’s involvement with the Alessandra project was instrumental in propelling Alessandra’s track “Queen of Kings” to #1 on Spotify’s global Viral chart.

Mina’s adept marketing and communication skills during Eurovision, where Alessandra represented Norway, amplified Alessandra’s visibility, positioning her as # 5 (3rd by public vote)

Alessandra’s accomplishments include 1.2M TikTok followers, a #28 spot on global Spotify chart, #58 on International Billboard Chart, an official top 10 single in the UK and top placements across European charts, with gold/platinum certifications.

Peder Benjamin Hagen (27), Founder Major Mgmt & Booking agent, United Stage

Peder Benjamin started his career by discovering and signing the rap group Undergrunn, helping launch them into being the superstars they are today. While juggling his managerial duties and setting up his own management company, Major, he also acted as a PR Manager for local indie label Toothfairy and, after a while, caught the attention of booking company United Stage, which he made the switch to in 2018 and stepped into the role of agent at the company.

During the pandemic, he became manager for the artist Ringnes-Ronny under his own company, Major. Catapulting the artist into one of the biggest streaming acts in the Nordics, approaching 1 billion streams on all platforms and selling out shows across the region. As an agent, he has signed some of the biggest new hitmakers in Norway, with artists like Roc Boyz, Beathoven, Golfklubb, Bausa, and El Papi, to name a few.

He has disrupted the Norwegian Live scene, often taking acts that have not even performed live to some of the biggest festivals in as little as a year. He has also gotten involved politically in debating the shift of live culture and the role of public gatekeepers in Norway, even appearing on national TV to discuss the topic.

As an agent, Peder Benjamin always works with an ambition to cross borders, specifically across the Nordic region, both helping Nordic acts expand into the Norwegian market and also helping Norwegian acts into festivals and club venues across all of the Nordic countries.


Albert F. Helmig (25), General Manager and head of booking at Aarhus Volume & Volume Village Booker and Project Coordinator at SPOT festival.

Albert F. Helmig is a dynamic figure in the Danish music scene, serving as the General Manager, spokesperson, and head of booking at Aarhus Volume. He’s also a Booker and Project Coordinator at the renowned SPOT Festival.

In 2016, Albert founded Aarhus Volume, now a robust cultural association based in Aarhus, Denmark. Under his leadership, the organization has flourished, boasting a dedicated team of seven employees and 40 association members. Aarhus Volume has solidified its significance as a key player in Aarhus’ music landscape, organizing approximately 450 concerts, spanning 16 festivals and over 50 events, attracting around 63,000 attendees over its 7-year history. A major milestone was achieved in 2022 with the launch of Volume Village, a new venue that accommodates up to 350 indoors and 3,500 outdoors.

In addition to his own ventures, Albert has been instrumental as one of two bookers for the SPOT Festival over the past five years. His role also includes coordinating special projects linked to the festival. Albert’s multifaceted contributions have earned him a prominent position in the Danish music realm, recognized for his pivotal role and impactful initiatives.

Daniel Engholt Carlsen (30), Product Manager (United Records/Stellar Records)

Daniel Engholt Carlsen is an accomplished Product Manager at United Records/Stellar Records. Transitioning from his background in live music, he joined the innovative team at Stellar Music in 2022. With a focus on international growth, Daniel seamlessly integrated live music elements into the label’s approach. This earned him the role of cross-company Product Manager for Stellar Music and United Records.

Currently, Daniel spearheads product management for the globally-oriented artist Giift. Giift’s recent releases secured substantial media exposure and prominent placements on major Spotify Playlists, driving significant international streaming. Daniel also manages social media strategy for Alex Vargas, overseeing his latest album launch and his rendition of Hey Jude from the popular Apple+ series Ted Lasso.

Daniel played a pivotal role in organizing Maximillian’s successful promotional tour across South East Asia, capitalizing on the momentum of his 2019 hit “Beautiful Scars.” Additionally, he actively collaborates with artists like Rebebe and Scarlet Pleasure.

Daniel’s journey in the music industry commenced with his involvement in the Danish Musicians Union in Copenhagen (DMF). Evolving from a youth member to one of the youngest board members, he prioritized young musicians and transparency. He championed diversity by establishing a committee within the organization and launched an impactful campaign against drug and alcohol abuse in the industry. This initiative has received recognition and acclaim from the Danish Music industry.

Domi Sudziarski (28), Label Manager & Marketing, Prime Collective

Domi Sudziarski’s journey began at 21 years old when she collaborated closely with Mirza Radonjica to establish what we now know as Prime Collective. Today, Prime Collective stands as Denmark’s premier export company for metal artists, a testament to Domi’s unwavering dedication.

Domi’s impact is unmistakable: she nurtures emerging talents, propelling them into the global spotlight.

Notable names in Prime Collective’s roster include Siamese, Cabal, and MØL, all of whom secured deals with major metal labels worldwide while maintaining their ties to the team for management. Throughout her nearly 7-year tenure at Prime Collective, Domi has traversed roles, evolving from Social Media Manager to Product Manager, eventually ascending to the esteemed position of Label Manager, spearheading the company’s label endeavors.

In 2023, Domi takes the reins as Project Manager for Prime Collective’s ‘Nextgen’ artists, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at illuminating female artists within Denmark’s predominantly male-dominated metal domain. This forward-looking endeavor introduces captivating talents like Anjel, IKONIK, and Riyah. Despite their nascent careers, these artists have already garnered widespread acclaim, featured in distinguished international media outlets such as Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, and BBC Radio 1. Domi Sudziarski’s trajectory is a beacon of innovation and change in the realm of Danish metal.

Emilie Pil (29), Founder, FRIDAY management

Emilie Pil is the founder of FRIDAY Management, a Danish artist management company based in Copenhagen.

At the age of 23, Emilie Pil became Sony Music DK’s first female A&R, which marked a notable achievement. Later on, she transitioned to become a radio host at The Voice, a prominent Danish hit-station. In 2020, amid the pandemic, she established her own artist management venture.

Under Emilie’s direction, FRIDAY Management has cultivated a roster featuring emerging artists. Notable names include the Nordicana singer/songwriter eee gee, the progressive techno-pop group Kind mod Kind, and Marcus.wav, the winner of Denmark Radio’s ‘KarriereKanonen.’

Emilie has expanded her influence beyond artist management by providing lectures on independent management at institutions such as The Danish Music Conservatory and the Danish Songwriting Academy. Her unconventional path, lacking formal education, has positioned her as a role model for diverse aspiring industry professionals, transcending typical boundaries.

June 1st, 2023 marked a significant point as Emilie hired her first employee, signifying a new phase in her ongoing journey of innovation.

Nanna Ruus (26), Booker and creative producer at ALICE

Nanna is the curator behind the diverse program at Copenhagen’s ALICE music venue, featuring over 250 concerts annually across avant-garde, global roots, folk, jazz/improv, and electronic genres. Her expansive network spans churches, festivals, organizers, promoters, and agents globally, enriching her day-to-day collaborations.

Nanna’s forthcoming involvement in facilitating a new music group at ALICE showcases her commitment to amplifying venue diversity. With a multi-faceted background encompassing management, A&R, promotion, booking, volunteer coordination, artist care, and stage management, Nanna navigates the music industry’s dynamic landscape adeptly.

A staunch advocate for non-commercial artists, Nanna’s strategic curation fosters connections through double and triple bill events that unite musicians from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This approach offers vital support to local talents who challenge mainstream norms both nationally and internationally.

In 2022, Nanna established Whirligig, an agency representing experimental artists from Copenhagen. Notably, she secured performance slots for Melodi Ghazal, Francesca Burattelli, and Aperly High at the esteemed Roskilde Festival.

Nanna recently concluded her role as a label manager at Escho in January 2023. During her tenure, she orchestrated distribution, radio plugging, press work, and artist development for notable acts like First Hate, Varnrable, August Rosenbaum, Collider, and Bona Fide.


Marianna Winter (23), A&R, TUTL

Marianna Winter Nagata (23) is a dynamic force in the Faroese music industry, currently working as an A&R at TUTL, the leading representative and distributor of Faroese music. Marianna’s role extends beyond her A&R responsibilities. She serves as a release strategist, artist manager, and is actively involved in the G! Festival booking team and as the head of the local Jazz Organization, booking the annual Vetrarjazz Festival.

Notably, Marianna’s expertise was recognized as she served as a panelist at Trondheim Calling 2023, sharing insights on navigating the music industry. Additionally, she was selected as a delegate for the Reeperbahn International Trade Mission to New York Indie Week last year, further expanding her network and industry knowledge. With her extensive experience and insights as a musician, songwriter, and artist herself, Marianna is dedicated to supporting emerging artists in the Faroe Islands, while also advocating for musicians’ rights as a committee member of the national musicians association.


Laura Jonsson, Promotion Manager & Head of Export, PME Records

Laura Jonsson holds the role of Promotion Manager & Head of Export at the award winning independent label PME Records. Within this capacity, she orchestrates PME’s export strategy, oversees international PR efforts, manages vinyl distribution, and leads domestic PR initiatives. With six years in the label industry, Laura’s expertise extends to collaborating with prominent international label distributors such as XL Recordings, 4AD, Rough Trade, Ninja Tune, and Matador Records.

In addition to her label engagements, Laura has showcased her versatility by hosting radio shows focused on rap and electronic music since 2017. Under the alias Krash Bandicute, she also shines as a DJ and boasts her own program on IDA Radio. Her involvement extends to advocating for safer space policies within Helsinki’s underground club culture.

Laura’s contributions have garnered recognition, reflected in her nominations for the Music & Media Industry Awards, where she has been nominated twice, in the PR & Marketing Person of the Year (2021) and Future Leader (2022) categories.

Leo Tynkkynen, Head of International, Warner Music Finland

Leo is a Finnish music industry professional who has made a significant mark at Warner Music Nordics in less than three years. Hailing from Helsinki and with experience living in China, he brings a global perspective to his role.

As the Head of International at Warner Music, Leo combines his creative background working with artists and international brand marketing. He’s gained respect not only within Warner Music but also among colleagues across Finland and the Nordic region. His nomination for Marketing Professional of the Year at the Industry Awards and his participation as a jury member at the annual Radio Gala highlight his influence.

Under his leadership, Leo’s team achieved notable accomplishments, breaking new international acts and securing the highest international radio market share ever for Warner Music Finland in YTD 2022. He’s played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of Finnish Eurovision sensation Käärijä to a global audience. Leo has also facilitated collaborations like Alawee’s Aktiverad remix with DAVI, Turisti & Nebi, contributing to the Nordic music scene.

Working with acclaimed artists such as Fred Again.., Ed Sheeran, Joel Corry, ALMA, David Guetta, and Tiësto, Leo’s ability to foster success is evident. His global perspective, creative acumen, and steadfast commitment continue to influence the Nordic music industry.

Lilli Keh,CEO and Artist Manage, All Day Manager

Lilli Keh is a vibrant Helsinki based Artist Manager. With a deep passion for cultural diversification, Lilli empowers artists from different backgrounds to thrive. With a remarkable background in event shaping and brand collaborations, Lilli is making a mark in the Nordic music business.

In 2023, Lilli co-founded All Day Management (ADM), a cutting-edge management agency, in collaboration with the renowned Finnish agency, All Day. As the CEO of ADM, Lilli is dedicated to providing unparalleled management services to artists, empowering them to achieve long-term success and fulfillment.

Representing a roster of extraordinary talent, including artists like Lxandra, F, Malla, and Slani, Lilli Keh ensures that each artist’s unique vision and aspirations are fully embraced. Her approach emphasizes values, open communication, and collaboration, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for artists to thrive.


Bjarni Daníel (26), Founder, Post-Dreifing

Bjarni Daníel has played a pivotal role in the Reykjavík music scene, particularly within the underground and grassroots circles. Co-founding the label and music community Post-Dreifing, he dedicated himself to releasing music and nurturing a robust DIT (Do it together) culture in the city’s band scene. Notably, he spearheaded events at their former establishment, “Post húsið,” with a strong focus on knowledge sharing and technological collaboration.

Post-Dreifing’s influence extended beyond music creation. Collaborating with local music venues, they established a noteworthy reputation as “safe spaces,” actively promoting protocols for addressing incidents of sexual or violent assault, both for staff and the audience. Through their efforts, Post-Dreifing fostered a new, vibrant music scene in Reykjavík, where artists and creatives collaboratively thrive in a respectful environment.

Bjarni’s musical journey encompasses membership in several Reykjavík bands like Bagdad Brothers, Supersport!, Skoffín, and more, each achieving significant local success. His enduring impact on the Reykjavík music scene persists. Alongside his many contributions, Bjarni has taken on the role of a radio host at the national radio, further embedding his influence throughout the scene.

Junia Jonsdottir (24), Creative Director and Social Media Advisor at Unversal Music Group

Junia is a Creative Director, Social Media Advisor, and creative at Universal Music Group in London, UK. Born into a musical family in Reykjavik, Iceland, Junia Jonsdottir grew up playing classical violin with the goal of becoming a professional musician. However, upon graduating high school, Junia chose to attend the University of St Andrews, where she studied economics, international relations, and music, graduating in 2022.

Junia has worked as a creative director and touring social media manager for artist Laufey for almost two years. In addition to her work with Laufey, Junia has also worked with artists Matilda Mann and Cian Ducrot to grow and refine their social media presences. Junia recently joined Universal Music Group to work in Brand Partnerships, where she has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, delivering global campaigns involving artists on UMG’s roster.

Sólveig Matthildur (29), Entrepreneur, Kælan Mikla / MYRKFÆLINI

Sólveig Matthildur is an Icelandic artist, notably recognized as one of three members of the band Kælan Mikla. Her involvement goes beyond being an artist – she also manages tours and projects for the band. This hands-on experience ignited her passion for the music industry, and over the years Sólveig’s various roles and commitment have established her as a notable figure in Iceland’s music scene.

During her early twenties, she co-founded Hið myrka man, a label and event management venture. At Hið she organized events and released albums, creating a space for emerging artists. She also ran an off-venue festival called Myrkramakt at Iceland Airwaves and Eistnaflug festivals in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, she co-founded and edited Myrkfælni, an old-school zine spotlighting Iceland’s underground music scene. Their zines, tape compilations, and events helped introduce Icelandic music to a broader audience. Sólveig also worked at Canadian record label Artoffact Records, maintaining their digital catalogue and handling performance rights registrations.

More recently, she was part of the Iceland Music Export office, ÚTON. There, she managed social media, event promotions, and supported day-to-day tasks under Executive Director Sigtryggur Baldursson. She also provided management and consulting to Icelandic artists.


Filip Hiltmann (30), Senior Marketing Manager, Luger

Filip embarked on his career in the realm of music journalism with, a publication that is no longer in operation. His swift progress led him to the role of Senior Editor. During this period, he also undertook an internship at Sony Music Publishing, which later transformed into a position as a Creative Consultant.

Concurrently, he undertook various freelance ventures, including curating music for Apple Music. These experiences paved the way for his subsequent role as Project Manager at Export Music Sweden. This in turn provided the stepping stone to his current position at Luger.

Since 2018, Filip has been a significant part of the Luger team, holding the position of Senior Marketing Manager. He heads the marketing and press department for the annual Way Out West festival in Gothenburg, while also overseeing the marketing aspects of Luger’s international promoter business.

In essence, Filip’s journey illustrates his progression from music journalism to a Creative Consultant and ultimately to his current role at Luger. He plays a pivotal role in directing marketing strategies for the Way Out West festival and contributing to Luger’s global promoter activities.

Helia Hole (26), Operation Coordinator, Popkollon

Helia Hole is a force in the music industry, dedicated to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity. With her background in business administration, specializing in marketing, and her understanding of leadership and psychology, she brings new perspectives to the music community.

She is the Operation Coordinator of Popkollo Stockholm since January 2021 where she plays a role in establishing a gender-equal music scene. Helias latest mark was as the project leader of the TOGETHER festival, a groundbreaking event produced and showcased by talents of girls, women, transgender individuals and non-binary people. With her dedication and practical experience Helia is here to create a difference in the music industry.

Leroy Junior Joweiham (25), A&R Manager, Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia

At just 24 years old, Leroy Junior Joweihan, A&R Manager at Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia, is one of the brightest shining new A&R stars in Scandinavia and has in a short period of time demonstrated a strong commitment and drive to build the urban music scene in the Nordic region.

A Gothenburg native but now living in Stockholm, Leroy’s passion for music, bolstered by his degrees in Programming and Music Business Development from DMG Education in Stockholm, has quickly led him to great accomplishments within the industry.

Before joining Sony Music Publishing as a Jr A&R Scout in 2022, Leroy honed his skills running his own music studio and management company in Gothenburg.

Since his move to SMP and Stockholm, he has already signed future talents and established stars such as Sarettii, 01an, Venus Anon, Alawee, Sticky, and ORIO, and has signed chart-topping hit songs like “Aktiverad” by Alawee, “G63” by C.Gambino, “Trapper of The Year” by 23, “SOM DOM” by Sarettii, “Sevilla” by Thrife, and “Komplicerat” by Ant Wan.

Leroy has quickly become an influential A&R on the Swedish and Scandinavian hip-hop and music scene, with his passion, music and studio knowledge, and drive. Apart from his role as an A&R, Leroy also has a big commitment to culture and diversity and has been engaged in initiatives such as You + Music Fryshuset and Järvaveckan / Göteborg 400 år (via the Tim Bergling Foundation), and has also been talking to students and classes in Gothenburg schools.

His current goal is to encourage and grow international and local collaborations to heighten the global presence of the Stockholm music scene. Further exemplifying his dedication to societal enrichment, Joweihan regularly engages with schools and young people from suburban areas, fostering the musical aspirations of the next generation. Joweihan continues to pave the way for a revolution in Nordic music publishing.

Meron Kirubel (28), Editor & Label Relations, Apple Music & Podcasts Nordics

Meron joined Apple Music in 2022 working with both Editorial and Label Relations across all Nordic countries, as well as Editorial for Apple Podcasts in the Nordics.

She has background from Linnaeus University where she studied Music & Event Management, and before joining Apple did an internship at Kobalt Music Publishing, Scandinavia.

Meron managed several campaigns throughout her year at Apple Music such as women behind the songs for Women History Month creating playlists and featuring on the platform for songwriters such as Moa ”Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker in Southkorea and Laleh globally.

She led a campaign for Saami National Day with curated playlists from Saami artists Maxida Märak, Sofia Jannok and Fred Buljo(KEiiNO). Apple Musics Up Next campaign spotlights the newest risings stars, and Meron has put forward Nordics up and coming talents such as Dina Ögon, Deki Alem and Joalin.

Meron played a huge part getting r&b from the Nordics to reach beyond its market, where the up and coming swedish r&b artist SARU got outstanding playlisting on her debut EP in the US, UK and more. Music has no language barriers and it’s proven by the great success Meron have done getting prominent international support for swedish singing group Dina Ögon on the platform.

Within only one-year Meron has made a significant impact on the export of Nordics talents and music scene. Meron strives as she is highlighting and exporting new and under-represented voices with her international approach as well as her dedication to shine light on Apple Music in the Nordic market.

After a valuable one-year placement at Apple, Meron is now taking her international driven mindset and love for music into a new adventure to explore the music industry in London.

The Nordic judges for 2023:

Norway: Johanna Alem – Head of Event & Promotion, Universal Music Norway, Kedist Bezabih – Head of Music, International Rap festivals and touring, Goodlive Artists, Viljar Siljan – Artist Manager, Blu Perspective Management

Denmark: Anja Pil Christoffersen – Lawyer and Founder of Playback Studio / Innofounder, Nis Bysted – Founder, ESCHO / Manager Iceage and First Hate, Eva Frost – CEO, Jazz Denmark

Sweden: Marie Dimberg – President & co-Founder, Dimberg Jernberg Management, Jael Steinberg – Artist Strategy Director, Universal Music Sweden, Love Lagerberg – Agent, Luger

Finland: Eero Jääskeläinen – Program manager, Allas Sea Pool, Jannika Hovinen, Production Manager, All Day Management, Karoliina Kanerva – Head of international, Warner Music Nordics

Iceland: Ása Dýradóttir – Project Manager at Reykjavík Music City, Soffía Kristín Jónsdóttir – Owner/Manager at Iceland Sync Management ehf., Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson – Co-Founder at 101 Productions ehf.