This is Music Norway at by:Larm

by: Larm takes place from 30th September to 2nd October and here is an overview over Music Norway's events at the festival.

Written by Kristiane Lunde 27.09.2021

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This year, as before, we are setting up the International Lounge where we offer free pastries, coffee and good advice, as well as mingling with international guests. The lounge will be on the 2nd floor outside the conference rooms in Mathallen on Vulkan and will be open from 10-18 Thursday and Friday.

- We look forward to meeting everyone again at by:Larm, the Nordic region's most important networking arena for the music industry. We will share knowledge and experiences and look ahead. We will present the new generation in the music world and bring in important door openers to the European music market, says project manager Karoline Røed Tønnesen.

- by:Larm is the Nordic music industry's most important showcase- and conference festival, and by:Larm will continue to be just that after the pandemic, says Røed Tønnesen.

- This year's international program focuses in particular on promoting the new generation of the Nordic music industry through "Nordic Music Biz Top 20 under 30", and all the winners will be attending the annual award. Several of the winners will also participate in panels and network throughout the festival, and with over 80 European participants from the music industry and media, we will once again be involved in lifting Norwegian music beyond national borders, continues Røed Tønnesen.

Music Norway at by:Larm 2020:

On by:Larm's websites you will find the full program for conferences and showcases.

Here is Music Norway's program on by:Larm 2021:

Døråpneren (The door opener) - a guide for multicultural diversity in the music industry.

In the panel you will meet Mo Ayn, Godfrey Manoharan, Victoria Øverby Steinland, moderated by Roza Aghili Taslimi.

Thursday 30.09 at 11.30pm Dansens Hus 2

Award ceremony:
Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30

In a closed award ceremony, this year's winners will meet for the awarding of this year's diplomas.

Thursday 30.09 at 12pm

Open meet & greet with the Top 20 under 30 winners at the International Lounge from 3pm

How do you actually get export ready?

Throughout the year, Music Norway has analyzed what is written and talked about the music industry in 2021. But what does this tell us about the music industry of the future?

In the panel you will meet Anja Nylund Hagen, the Cultural Council, Arnt Maasø, Associate Professor, Dr. art. Dept. of Media and Communication, Univ. Of Oslo, Ola Kveseth Berge, Associate Professor, Telemark Research, moderator: Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, Director, Music Norway

Thursday 30.09 at 2pm Pokalen

Morning coffee with the Nordics: (panel /English)

How to talk to generation Z - the Story of Creed Media

Tim Collins and Hugo LePrince of the Swedish marketing agency Creed Media have already been on Forbes' "30 under 30" list and Nordic Music Biz Top 20 under 30. In two years, the two founders have taken Creed Media from a small basement to a company with 40 employees.

Friday 01.10 at 10pm, in collaboration with NOMEX at the International Lounge

Why is diversity management important in the music industry? (panel)
In this conversation, the panelists share experiences from their projects and talk about what the work with diversity management has led to in their own companies. The panel consists of: Bjørn Rogstad, CEO, Universal Music Norway, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, director, Music Norway, Ole Henrik Antonsen, Chairman of the Board, NOPA, Loveleen Rihel Brenna, General Manager, Seema, Samsaya Sampda Sharma, Deputy Chairman, NOPA. Moderated by: Asta Busingye Lydersen

Friday 01.10 at 11pm Dansens Hus

Ja Ja Ja - Nordic Brunch: (networking)
Meet the team behind the showcase concept Ja Ja Ja evenings in Berlin and London, which is returning in 2022.

Friday 01.10 at 11pm International Lounge

Whats's Happening On The Nordic Hip Hop Scene? (panel/English)
Hip Hop has gone from underground to mainstream in a few decades and there’s no denying its global success.In this panel we look at what’s happening in the Nordic Hip Hop scene now, who are the key players. How can we strengthen the success of our Nordic talent within the genre? Let's look into some of our Nordic success stories and how Hip Hop travels across the region.

Sara Faraj, Asylum Records, Sweden, Bergþór Másson, Manager, Iceland, Nora Mamdu, Universal Music Norway

Friday 01.10 at 1pm at Pokalen

Music Norway and NEMMA present: Time for a world tour (panel/English)
For over a year, the world's largest live markets have been virtually closed to concerts, now it's finally time to make plans for international concert activities again.

In the panel you will meet: Claudio Lillo, agent CAA, Anton Teichmann, owner of Mansions and Millions, Peggy Szkudlarek, manager and agent of Dif Productions and Erika Leypoldt, general manager of FKP Scorpio

Friday 01.10 kl. 1pm Dansens Hus 2

Meet the managers & agents (networking)
Network with managers and agents in the Norwegian Enternatinment Managers and Agents Association (NEMAA) and international colleagues.

Friday 1.10 at 3pm International Lounge