Industry Talk: Erik Jansen

Our Industry Insider series continues – next up is the man behind one of Norway’s most vital independent labels; Jansen Plateproduksjon’s very own Erik Jansen.

Skrevet av Rebeca 25.09.2014

Jansen Plateproduksjon

Erik, lots of fans out there have heard and cherished the music of your label’s acts for years. But the man behind the label might not be a household name for Atlanter or Hanne Kolstø fans abroad – for those that don’t know you that well, a couple of words on who you are and what you do:

– I’m Erik Jansen and I run a record label christened Jansen Plateproduksjon that releases such fine acts as Kråkesølv, Atlanter, Hanne Kolstø, Death By Unga Bunga, Mona & Maria, Thea & The Wild, Bow To Each Other, Daniel Kvammen and several others. I also do work for Oslo’s (venue/cultural centre) Kulturhuset and launched a new Oslo festival this year; Piknik i Parken. I’ve also staged concerts and ran small festivals for years with the fine people of Rock & Spesialreiser.

What Jansen projects are on the top of the agenda these days?

– Right now, I’m focusing on Thea & The Wild whose album has been released in Norway and is set for a launch in Germany and the UK later this autumn. I’m also focusing 100% on the new Hanne Kolstø album that’s out in late November in Scandinavia, Germany and the UK, not to mention Daniel Kvammen’s debut album that sees its release in early 2015.

What are the main international label priorities this winter and autumn?– This autumn it’s Hanne Kolstø and Thea & The Wild. Next year it’ll be Death by Unga Bunga and Atlanter.

What other Norwegian acts pop up on your own playlists?– Bar those on my own label, I’m really into acts Siri Nilsen, I Was A King and Hvitmalt Gjerde.

Any gigs with Norwegian acts coming up this autumn that you can’t miss?

– Without a doubt; Hanne Kolstø’s release concert at (Oslo’s) Parkteateret. Her new album is killer – I’m really looking forward to hearing the new songs live.

Upcoming Jansen releases or projects that the fans have reason to look forward to?

– Hanne Kolstø’s ‘Forever Maybe’ later in 2014. In late 2015; new albums from Atlanter as well as Death by Unga Bunga. Another main priority for me is to expand the record label on the US market.

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