Industry Talk: Glenn Larsen

Our ‘Industry Insider’ series of chats with key Norwegian music industry execs continues – Highasakite manager Glenn Larsen is next man out.

Skrevet av Rebeca 09.10.2014


Glenn Larsen runs successful PR and management company Indianer, and is perhaps best known in the industry as manager for Highasakite – who’s had a banner year since the release of their ‘Silent Treatment’ album in early 2014.

Fresh off a successful Australian tour with Highasakite, we caught up with Glenn earlier this week to learn more on what’s on his agenda these days, what music he’s into and cool new autumn/winter projects coming up.

Glenn, what are the top items on your agenda these days?On the management-side of the company, it’s pretty obvious that Highasakite takes up a lot of time. We are still in the midst of a global launch of the band, and just returned from a very successful circuit in Australia. PR-wise, Team Me, Einar Stray Orchestra, Tini, Ludvig Moon, Mimmi Tamba, Johndoe and some other really exciting projects are my main current and near future priorities.

What are your main international priorities this winter and autumn?Highasakite is still in a really hectic period, but I’m also excited to see how Norway will react to Bendik’s new album.

What other Norwegian acts pop up on your own playlists?Naturally, there’s a lot of stuff there that I’m working on professionally, but Emilie Nicolas’ debut album has definitely done some rounds. The Captain & Me and Thea & The Wild also keep popping pup. I’ll have to admit that I’m listening a lot to single tracks rather than albums these days, but a lot of them happen to be Norwegian, though.

New Highasakite releases or other cool projects coming up this autumn/fall?

There are new Highasakite releases in the pipeline, albeit in some time. And I’ve got some really exciting secrets coming up that I can soon disclose…Highasakite are heading out on a tour of Norway, beginning on Oct 15th.

Nov 4th marks the start of a US mini-tour with gigs in NYC, Washington, Philadelphia and Hollywood. Late Jan 2015 sees the band returning to their growing Australian audience for a string of live dates in in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Fremantle.