Industry Talk: Karl Seglem

Critics call it: “a new approach to create universal Norwegian music”. Karl Seglem creates music rooted in folk tradition and electric dreamscapes by fusing the sound of different goat horns and tenorsax with the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle.

Skrevet av Rebeca 02.10.2020

Karl Seglem GMM 600x400

“Tell us about yourself, who are you and how did you begin as an artist?”

I’ve been a freelance musician and composer since 1985 and I am an acclaimed Norwegian musician, composer and poet, and have created my own musical identity, fusing the sound of my different goat horns and tenorsax with the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. I started to play the tenorsax when I was 12 years old, and I grew up in Årdalstangen, close to the Sognefjord and Jotunheimen.

“Can you tell us a bit about your music, how would you describe it?”

My music has a broad aesthetic spectrum going from the most serious folk tradition to the most engaged rocking freeform sounds. Written words about my music has been: A trans-global sound machine. Bursting primal power, strong beautiful melodies, improfolk and electronic dreamscapes. It’s both an acoustic & electric journey, and many critics call it a new approach to create universal Norwegian music. In 2014 I was described as “A National Music Treasure” by daily newspaper Aftenposten.

“What inspires you when creating music?”

Being outside in the force of nature – but also to meet other human beings in all occasions. And to play with different musicians.

I also like to cook – almost a hobby. I like to run, and sit by a fireplace anywhere, anytime.

“You are selected as one of the participants of Global Music Match, tell us a bit about the program? What do you hope to achieve during the 6 weeks of the program?”

I’ve already learnt a lot and met musicians I never would have listen to or heard about if this did not happen. It’s great fun and very inspiring in my work. I hope to get more listeners listening to my music in new territories and also to get new contacts, widening my network. Such as musicians that I can collaborate with in the future. But also promotors, labels, booking-people, festivals and more. Hope all out there will listen to my music – give it a try!!!

“The program has a focus on export, what are your ambitions as an artist internationally?”

The potential for my music is big and I have big ambitions for both concerts/tours and releases. During the pandemic I have created and worked hard in my studio and rehearsal room. I will release a double album autumn 2021 – it’s my 40th album, and during next year release videos and singles. I hope there will be possibilities to travel a lot then and present my music live – which I love.

“What is the best advice you have ever received?”

Be patient, work hard, and be honest to the music deep inside you.