Industry Talk: Kedist Bezabih from FKP Scorpio

She is heading to Brighton for The Great Escape, and sees the Norwegian industry heading in a right direction

Skrevet av Rebeca 08.05.2019

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Kedist Bezabih works as a promoter at FKP Scorpio’s offices in Norway, something she has done for the last two years. Or, to be more exact, she has been a promoter for two years, but until the beginning of last year, FKP Scorpio Norway was “Goldstar.”

With The Great Escape coming up this week, we had a chat with her about her plans for the festival, and her experience in the industry so far.

“Why are you travelling to Brighton this year? What do you hope to go home from The Great Escape with?”

“After experiencing TGE last year for the first time, I’ve been looking forward to go back. The festival is great for discovering bands, catching up with old and new friends, and it’s located near the beach which doesn’t hurt.”

Hopefully I come home with plenty of new favorites!”

“What has been on your to-do-list lately, and what takes most of your time?”

“My to-do list always gets filled up with albums I plan on hearing. I would say that research takes most of my time, checking different channels, sites etc. for new good music can often take a lot of time.”

“The most important piece of advice you have ever received?”

“What is meant for you, will come to you (I love clichés!).”

“Any helpful tips and tricks for a way around the industry?”

“Always be nice, and don’t take anything personally!”

“Why Norway, why now? Where are we going?”

“There are so many good acts coming from Norway at the moment. Personally, I think Norwegians love being on the forefront of trends and everything internet, which in turn makes artists from Norway very good at capturing the time we’re in. The only way is up, right?”

“Who in the Norwegian music industry deserves a high five?”

“The young rapper Safario, and his manager, Mayoo are definitely ones to watch! I also want to give a huge high five to everyone making the Norwegian industry more diverse. Even though there is more to do, we’re heading in the right direction!”