Industry Talk: Made Management’s Chris Wareing

Music Norway’s Industry Insider series continues with Lemaitre’s manager Chris Wareing.

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Chris Wareingtre

(Update: Wareing left Made in 2015 and is founder/senior manager at Nordic Artists Agency)

Earlier this year, Lemaitre relocated to LA. The duo’s manager, Made’s Chris Wareing followed them across the Atlantic and has now settled in LA.

Read on to learn more on Chris and Lemaitre’s US relocation, how the band’s career is developing and plans for the autumn and winter.

Chris, you’ve recently come off a long North America tour with Lemaitre – how did things work out for the band on the North American live circuit?

– Lemaitre just finished a 40-date tour with Porter Robinson, one of North America’s biggest EDM artists. He’s been a champion of the band since he heard “Excuse Me” on the Kistune Maison 12 compilation back in 2012, and Lemaitre have remixed one of his tracks before and have a collaboration called Polygon Dust on his latest album. He’s also signed to Astralwerks so it made a very good match to go on tour with him. Lemaitre played for more than 60 000 people over the course of the tour, and we also had one of the shows filmed and broadcast on the Carson Daly Show, their first ever US television appearance. Apart from the attention around the tour, it was also a great opportunity for us to lay down a solid tour history for the band, introduce them to some large promoters in primary and secondary Northern American markets, and it was also the first time they’ve played this many shows so close together which basically has made them an even better live band.

How has the band’s career developed after the guys relocated to LA? Is the fan-base growing over there?

– Lemaitre’s profile has definitely risen in the last 12 months. Just signing to Astralwerks sent out a signal both to industry and fans that this was a step up for the band. But it’s also been to some extent a “setting up” year, getting things ready for the release of their debut album in 2015, and taking our first steps live and promo wise in the world’s most difficult and competitive market.

– We feel the main advantage to being here has been the access we’ve had to other artists & collaborators. It’s so much easier to set up a studio session when you have a studio in LA, compared to Oslo. More artists are based here, and many more come through and typically tend to stay for a few days. So far, Lemaitre have done collaborations and sessions with people like Chuck Inglish (Cool Kids), LOLO (Island Records), Porter Robinson, Camo & Krooked, Avenue, and even Norwegians like Nasty Cut and Kygo who are either based here, or travel here regularly. Not all of this material will maybe see the light of day, but it’s an indication of the ease of access LA gives you.

What are the plans for Lemaitre this autumn and winter? New releases or tours planned for the next months?

– The band are currently in the studio in LA working on what will be their debut album. We’ve done six EPs so far (5 independently, and one through Astralwerks) over 4 years and we feel like we’ve exhausted that format. There won’t be any touring until the album is mixed and mastered which realistically will be in March. We already have some shows booked for them in the spring, but it’ll be next summer and autumn when the live side of things starts rolling again.– They’re collaborating with several artists on tracks (including a couple of Norwegian artists who are super-hot internationally right now) and there should be a first single already at the end of next spring.

From Lemaitre to Aurora Aksnes

What are your own main international priorities these days?

– For me personally, it’s Lemaitre without any doubt. Although we’ve also been working hard with Deathcrush in the UK; and they just went over there for a 10-date tour, which will be the third time they’ve been there in the last 12 months. We’re talking with various international labels about them as we feel that’s the logical next step.

– For MADE in general, Aurora Aksnes just signed some fantastic international label deals, had an amazingly well received CMJ in October, and many people are asking me about her over here in the US. Anyone who’s seen her live in the last year will know for sure that she’s a superstar in the making.

What’s spinning on your own playlists? Any other Norwegian acts that you’re listening to right now?– Well, I’m listening to a LOT of new Lemaitre demos everyday as I have my office right beside Lemaitre’s studio, so it’s been fun to follow the songs as they progress.

– Otherwise, I’m listening to a lot of new stuff right now as I’m interested in signing something Los Angeles based. I feel like as long as I’m here working only Norwegian artists I’ll always be a little bit on the outside looking in. We’re also checking out new stuff that could work as a feature vocalist or collaborator for Lemaitre so there’s a lot of new up-and-coming artists being blasted at Lemaitre HQ in Silver Lake

The Wareing Top Ten– Here’s a list of 10 new(ish) tracks I’m currently into :

Monogem “Wait and See” Frenship “Cover Up” Hannah Georgas “Somebody” (Avenue Remix)Børns “10 000 Emerald Pools” Lindsay Lowend “Escape From New York” Lo-Fi-Fnk “Can U Feel It” The Presets “No Fun” Tittsworth ft Q-Tip “After The Dance” The Noisy Freaks “I Need You Back” Porter Robinson “Sad Machine”

– As far as Norwegian artists, it never goes very long between listening to Røyksopp. The EP they did with Robyn was incredible, and the show they did together at the Hollywood Bowl this spring was one of the best I’ve ever been too. The new album is great too.– It’s Album Time by Todd Terje was one of the albums that soundtracked our tour with Porter Robinson. But we also listened to a lot of Turbonegro on the bus. I guess because we were listening to electronic music every night we needed to clean out our ears with some good old rock n roll!

– I’m also really excited by a new MADE signing called WDSTCK, that people in LA are already asking me about. I believe their track “Flowers” has been a big hit on P3 in Norway this summer.


Any gigs with Norwegian acts this autumn that you’ll get to see?

– The only Norwegian band I know for a fact I’m going to see this autumn is Casiokids, as I’ll be in Bergen on November 29th to celebrate their 10 year anniversary at Hulen, which has been a really important venue for us, as for most Bergen artists. They’ve got a long list of bands to cover and/or interpret their songs including Datarock, The Megaphonic Thrift, Young Dreams, The New Wine + + + so it should be quite a night. Otherwise, I try to keep my eyes open for Norwegian bands who’re playing LA but off the top of my head I can’t think of any shows coming up here.

Any new projects or new acts you’re working with that we’ll hear more of in the near future?– For MADE, the aforementioned WDSTCK are definitely ones to watch, and there are already promoters trying to bring them over to the US. SXSW 2015 might be too soon for them, but we’ll see.

– For me, personally I’m looking at some potential new clients and Music Norway will be the first to know if, when and what I sign.

– Otherwise, I intend to be based in LA for at least one more year. During that time I’ll have a focus on deepening my North American network, and getting more of our artists set up with synch agents and/or publishing deals to exploit the opportunities in the world of licensing which have been important from both a financial and profile perspective for Lemaitre.

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