Industry Talk: Meet Benjamin Fabio, Boy Pablo’s manager, friend and creative brain

Travelling the world has made him realize that he underestimated the creative power Norway has to offer

Skrevet av Rebeca 10.04.2019

Benjamin Fabio

Benjamin Fabio works with artists in what he defines as “a sort of a manager/friend/creative brain” type of role, while he also runs a record label called 777 MUSIC. In his spare time he also runs the world’s first record-label-owned Esports club, designs clothing collections and runs a YouTube music discovery channel with more than 100.000 subscribers. In other words, he has a lot on his hands.

One of the artists he works with as a manager/friend/creative brain is Boy Pablo, an artist we have heard a lot about in the last year. Conquering an international audience before a national one, has led Fabio and Boy Pablo on journeys all around the world. These experiences have made Fabio appreciate his Norwegian roots and given him a different perspective of Norway’s creativity and position.

Benjamin Fabio was also among this year’s chosen industry profiles “Nordic Music Biz’ Top 20 under 30.” Read more about the other talents and Fabio here.

We had a chat with the young entrepreneur about his thoughts on the industry and how he has ventured through it so quickly.

“What has been on your to-do-list lately, and what takes most of your time?”

“Managing a global artist comes with a lot of administrative work, so I spend a lot of time in conversation with people in the artist’s team strategically planning the months to come. Lately I spend a lot of time on my Esports organisation after my working hours.”

“The most important piece of advice you have ever received?”

“Once a task has just begun, never leave it till it’s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all”. I’m corny for this but that quote is what a lot of people try to say when they talk about how hard work is their reason for success I think.”

“Any helpful tips and tricks for a way around the industry?”

That piece of advice I quoted in the question above sums it up pretty well to be honest.”

“Why Norway, why now? Where are we going?”

“Traveling to as many places abroad as I have over the past few years, I can’t help but love where I am from more and more, especially coming from such an aesthetically pleasing place like Bergen. The barriers to success are very few for Norwegians, there are almost no excuses at all. If you have the spark you can tune into the national industry very quickly and do your own thing. As far as Norway being represented internationally, I used to cringe at my own culture when I lived in the States, but it has become more and more real to me that the dopest and most inspiring artists and creatives that come out of Norway really embrace where they are from and don’t try to act Hollywood or whatever.”

“Also, Bergen is the new creative hub of Europe. Thanks.”

“Who in the Norwegian music industry deserves a high five?”

I would high five anyone in the industry who tries to push their lane in an innovative and positive way. The music industry in general has been in a lot of change over the past ten years and certain molds for success are needed for organisational purposes, but the people who really go out of their way to do something that makes others go “oh shit, i didn’t see that coming”, that’s really what gets talked about and remembered.”