Industry Talk: Rune Grammofon’s Rune Kristoffersen

A new feature on our site premieres this week: ‘Industry Insider’ – chats with key players from Norway’s music industry. Rune Grammofon’s founder, Rune Kristoffersen is the point man of the new series.

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Industry Insider: Since its inception in 1997, Norwegian independent label Rune Grammofon has been widely regarded as a purveyor of heterogeneous, forward-thinking music of the highest quality. A steady output of high-quality and aesthetic jazz, improv, alt pop and prog outings from such artists as Supersilent, Arve Henriksen, Jenny Hval, Maja Ratkje, Motorpsyhco, Susanna, In the Country as well as Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus has firmly established the label as one of the Norwegian music industry’s most strongest brands.

We had a quick talk with the Rune Grammofon founder this week. Read on to learn more on what upcoming RG releases we can look forward to, what gigs Kristoffersen is going to see this autumn and what Norwegian acts figure on his own playlists.

We asked Kristoffersen what Rune Grammofon releases are his main priority this autumn: – Arve Henriksen, Supersilent, SPUNK, Albatrosh and Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus, Kristoffersen promptly replies. – We are also releasing a re-issue 5CD box and a much-awaited vinyl edition of Motorpsycho’s iconic ‘Demon Box’ this autumn.

What are the main international label priorities this autumn?This autumn, there’s not any RG artists getting more support than the others, really. I try to give all of our recording artists the attention they deserve.

What other Norwegian artists pop up on your own playlists?– Far too few I’m afraid, I devote a lot of time to listen to our own outings before they’re released. When I find the time, I’ll listen to anything ranging from Svein Finnerud Trio to Susanne Sundfør.

Any gigs with Norwegian acts coming up this autumn that you’re going to see?

– I’d love to see Susanne Sundfør live – but, sadly I can’t make it. What I’m really looking forward to seeing is Supersilent performing in the Emanuel Vigeland Museum and the Hubro label night at (Oslo’s) Victoria – National Stage for Jazz.

Upcoming Rune Grammofon releases that RG fans have reason to look forward to?

– They should look forward to all of our releases, really. However, I definitely have to highlight the fact that in the first half of 2015 we’re releasing two absolutely fantastic albums from Anneli Drecker and The Last Hurrah!