Master program

An educational and capacity building program for young industry professionals

Skrevet av Tina Brodal 02.01.2021

Masterdeltagerne 2020/2021
Masterdeltagerne 2020/2021

Master program is an educational and capacity building program (1 year) which aims to ensure the recruitment of young industry talents with international growth ambitions. In addition to 5 professional gatherings at home / abroad, each participant is offered mentor guidance.

One of the aims of the program is to equip participants with the appropriate skills and knowledge to lead a company as well as manage rights and careers in Norway and internationally. All participants will be asked to bring a specific project from their everyday work into the program, and the content in the program will relate to practical challenges that they are faced with in their company and projects.

Through professional gatherings in 2021/2022, the participants will acquire knowledge in everything related to the music industry to topics such as business development, strategy, management, conflict management, negotiation and presentation techniques.

The next program is set to begin in August 2021 and is done in collaboration with the music offices in Norway.