Music Norway at the Øya Festival – Henrik Sanne Kristensen

Henrik Sanne Kristensen, head of Music Norway's London office and international press relations at Øya International.

Skrevet av Rebeca 06.08.2019


Henrik Sanne Kristensen has been a regular at the Øya Festival through the years, and this year is his first as a part of Music Norway’s Øya International team. Henrik runs Music Norway’s office in London and during the Øya Festival he is the go-to-guy for international press looking for artist recommendations and stories from the festival.

– What is your favorite moment at the Øya Festival during?

– With Øya, the years and the memories tend to blend together as a single, very affectionate memory of great music and friends, so it’s pretty hard to choose a single highlight. Although there are a few shows that have stayed with me, like Boredoms in 2007, Fever Ray in 2009, Pavement in 2010 and Bendik Giske in 2018. Oh, and I almost forgot: standing next to former Norwegian Prime Minister, now NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, watching Smerz’ fantastic live show that featured oiled up strongmen doing pull-ups and sit-ups for about 8 minutes at last year’s festival was pretty memorable!

– What are you looking forward to this year?

– There are so many fantastic Norwegian up-and-comers this year that I’m genuinely worried I won’t have time to experience them all. Shikoswe, Ora The Molecule, Marja Mortensson, Kamara, and Musti are acts that I’m very much looking forward to catching live. I also can’t wait to check out the new power pop supergroup The Needs!

– The international names in this year’s lineup are strong as well – Idles, Black Midi, Big Thief and Kokoroko are all very exciting! And I’m dying to see Earl Sweatshirt! His album “Some Rap Songs” is one of my most listened to albums this year!

– Where would you recommend the international guests to eat?

– Have you ever really lived if you haven’t eaten at Sapporo Ramen Bar? Also Mela Café have superb vegetarian and vegan food!

– What landmarks should people see in Oslo?

– This is your last chance to see the works of one of Norway’s finest painters, Edvard Munch, in the original Munch Museum before it closes down permanently in September and moves to its new location next year. It’s a beautiful museum, literally right next door to the festival entrance, and entry is free with festival pass! It’s a no brainer!