Music Norway at the Øya Festival – Karoline Røed Tønnesen

Karoline Røed Tønnesen of Music Norway.

Skrevet av Rebeca 06.08.2019

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The Øya Festival is celebrating its 20th year, and the delegate program Øya International has been going simultaneously for 15 of them. Karoline Røed Tønnesen has been project leader at Øya International on behalf of Music Norway since 2013 connecting Norwegian and international music business. You will surely meet Karoline in the mixed zone or in front of one of the stages in the evening.

– What is your favorite moment at the Øya Festival during these 20 years?

– There have been so many over the years. I just love the atmosphere of the festival and being around so many great people, talking, making new friends and listening to great music. But if I must pick, I would have to say that Highasakites closing show in 2016 was magical to watch together with their Norwegian and Australian team. And after a hard days work in 2013 I found myself in the middle of the crowd at Slayer, looking deep into Tom Araya’s eyes throughout the whole concert – it was a strange calm in all the chaos. I also have a memory that includes Slash – but that is something to share over a beer. And I usually sit by myself crying at the opening act Saturday – always a great moment. Think I am going to repeat that this year.

– What are you looking forward to this year?

– Most of all I am looking forward to meet all of our more than 50 Norwegian and 100 International delegates at Øya International, and making the best out of their stay. Connecting people is what we do. Also, hanging out by the pool, cruising in the fjord, foraging along the Aker river, and watching Sigrid, Pom Poko, The Cure and Robyn!

– Where would you recommend the international guests to eat?

– There are a lot of great places to eat in Oslo these days, and many of them are present at the festival where you can get a meal for an affordable price. But are you interested in a taste of traditional Norwegian cocking, try Dovrehallen or Schrøder. Both affordable with long history. And eat a sandwich of fresh whole wheat bread with butter and brown cheese.

– What landmarks should people see in Oslo?

– I would have to say the statue of me (smileface) made by my grandfather, “Karoline fra Lindeberg”. You will find it in Grønnegata. Or take a swim at Katten with its svaberg, or flyggbergs, roche moutonnée or sheepback in other languages. Svaberg are smooth “rock slopes” leading down into the fjord.